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Thread: Chris2 - How's it going?

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    Chris2 - How's it going?

    I almost hate to notice you on the site....isn't it late there? I'm getting off the computer now but would like to chat later. Maybe in the morning [your time] after you get some sleep. Just hoping that you've resolved some of your doubt. Hope to chat with you later.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    go to private

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    e-mail me if you still want to chat

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    You are tough, and strong...hang on, my 1958 friend!


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    Chris2, what is happening? Let us know what is happening. I checked the private forums and posted there for you. Wise.

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    Hey Chris... glad to see you're still with us.

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    Hey Chris2,
    I see that you are on the boards right now. You doing ok? Please reply. I will be on and off the boards the next couple of hours

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    Well geez, Chris. No wonder. We're both Geminis. This is a quiet time for us. But things will pass and you should be feeling perkier in a week or so. Must be all those planets lined up out there.

    So how goes the packing? I always hated that job but liked moving to new places. Just all that cardboard and wrapping paper is overwhelming. I remember one couple we knew in Germany accidently packed the cat and had to reopen all the boxes while the customs police waited. hehehehe Cats are dumb.

    Hey, write me and let me know when you pack up your computer so we know when you head out. Will you keep the same email addy or will you be signing up with a new ISP?

    Cheers from stormy, and I do mean stormy, Maryland!

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