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Thread: Free Voice Recognition Program

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    Free Voice Recognition Program

    Hello guys and gals!

    A teacher at my college (College of Charleston) helped write a freeware voice recognition program and I played with it on Friday and gave him some feedback on it. As a new program, it is off to a good start. Currently it does not support dictation, but it allows control of the entire keyboard [ie: every single key] and the mouse.

    If you would like to download a copy, go to the following site and follow the instructions:

    He would love to hear feedback on what works, what doesn't, and how it could be improved. His name is Dr. Bill Manaris and he can be reached at

    A key thing to note is that this program will always remain free.

    The program has very low System Requirements:

    Pentium 120mhz
    16mb RAM
    20mb disk space
    Sound Card

    Anyway, I figured this may be useful to some people. :-)


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    Hey Stephen !!

    Is the semester finally over???
    Tell me about it. Write me.


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    I meant STEVEN!!

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