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Thread: Hardwood Floors

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    Hardwood Floors

    An odd question.

    In my home we have hardwood floors. Whenever the floors are cleaned, usually with vinegar/water mixture the surface of the floor against the tires of my 'chair' creates a very loud (rubber sole) squeak which is extremely annoying.

    Does / Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was your solution? What products (Murphy's oil soap?) do you use?

    Thanks for any and all ideas / responses.

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    Hardwood Floors

    I don't know what kind of finish you have on your floors, for ours we had the
    nomal finish removed and refinished with Swedish Glitza, the trick was finding
    a company who's workman comp would let them apply it. I spray down and dust mop weekly, no squeeky wheels. We have had this down for 3 years now, no sign of wear not even in the bedroom with the wet shower chair coming from bath to bed. Dog toe nails have not scratched, even no problems with rocks in the tires.

    I even dropped the foot rest one day while preparing for a transfer - no damage.

    They did tell us under no circumstances to use Murphys Oil Soap, only vinigar and water sprayed not mopped

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    I have hardwood floors in my apartment. I think clean floors + clean tires = annoying noise, especially when turning. Crank up the tunes and ignore it. Seriously, though, you get used to least I did.


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    The same thing happens when vinegar and water are used on my wood floors. I hate the sound and the smell. I use either clorox and water or pine sole and water now with no problem.

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    for the responses guys.

    Anybody else?

    Onward and Upward!

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    Resurrection of this thread. I've been meaning to bring this up for a while.

    A solution that also seems to work is a light coat (damp rag) of Armor-All on the tires as well as high air pressure. I have 26" wheels with mountain bike tires (small knobby tread)that I keep at 65 lbs.

    That and the Armor-All = Silence on the hardwoods.

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    Tag, what is Swedish Glitza. We're just considering hardwoods now and this thread is very interesting. Thanks, Chris.

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    Doesn't the Armor-All get on your hands a little and then on to your handrims? I hate Armor-All, the last few times I had my car detailed they soaked the interior of my car with it, which then would get on my hands and handrims making it a complete bitch to push my chair or even steer the car for a couple of weeks because everything was so slippery. Your right about the air pressure tho, I know that when my tires are squeaking on the gym floor playing rugby that they need more air.

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    Another floor cleaner product to try/consider is called Bona-X available at most supermarkets.

    JT. Agreed. Armor all is tough to deal with - slippery. I never let the carwash guys use it on the interior. I use SimpleGreen instead.

    Yes, I try and avoid my handrims so I'm careful when applying.

    Also, I use the same rag dampened with about a 5/1 ratio of water to Aa. Even diluted, as long as some sticks to the tires its much quieter.

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    We installed laminate hardware floor this last summer and I have been impressed that they hold up rather well. They say not to use any cleaners on laminate, just water. We use the swifter wet towels and it seems to work well.

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