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Thread: Please - as many of your opinions as possible

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    Please - as many of your opinions as possible

    I just want to say I love you all on this forum (and I include DA in that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - all your responses are so caring

    I am greatly troubled at present, as you all know

    We are moving into a lovely house next week very close to my sister so she and her boyfriend can move in temporarily or permanently if anything goes wrong

    - I do not consider I will ever be able to work again

    I worked say 17 out of the 20 years since my accident

    Have I now got the moral right in view of my paraplegia and tendancy to get depression to try to live off our local accident compensation scheme???
    It would be 80% of my salary last year or worse 80% of my salary at the time of my accident.

    I consider I have no choice in fact! or it's a pathetic unemployment benefit

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    I think so

    I voted yes to your getting your benefits. After all, you worked for them. Don't see anything wrong with it.

    One thing also, is that if you get an opportunity to work again, don't hesitate to go for it.

    I had to stop working after having lots of problems with hepatitis C and the treatment for it. My last job was with tax preparation. If I ever had the chance to go back to work, I will. If I don't, well so be it.

    One thing I suggest is to pool your resources with your sister or others living in the same house to make it easier for all. My son lives at home with me and he pays bills and we pool our money for all the expenses here. It also makes it easier for him, his wife and their baby. It is incredible how small the payment on home mortgage and bills will be if shared.

    So good luck and may you enjoy your new home.


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    Never Mind Why I Am Up At This Hour

    Dear Chris,

    I think you are at a change point in your life and perhaps making this change is the best idea for you. My thought is that with the worry of job hunting off your back you can work on your depression more effectively and find yourself in a much better situation before too long. I am not able to say what you should do, it just seems like a good idea to me. There is certainly nothing wrong with it. Best Wishes whatever you have friends here.


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    100% nothing wrong with that so far

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    Pride can be a killer man.You've washed
    others feet now please,allow someone else
    to wash yours.Your not begging..only my opinion.

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    Have a plan

    It is clear that you are mentally and physically exhausted. Those are not conditions conducive to employment. I know, that's where I am now. My advice, hang in there as long as you can in order to give yourself time to develop a plan for your future. A plan forces you to look forward, not back. More empty time will not help you. Passion and depression cannot co-exist. If you can find something to be passionate about, then you will find the cure for your depression and meaningful use of your time. If possible, find an opportunity to do something, especially for someone else. Act, don't "sit". Desperation is better than despair. The best to you.

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    I'm with everybody else

    I think you need to take a breather - focus on getting some treatment for your depression.

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    do you know how many AB people out there getting
    disibilty money because their little finger hurts?

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    1 vote for totally immoral

    please explain

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    Hi Chris

    I think you should go for it, take some time out to rest and regroup. But, a word of warning, in April this year ACC cut my payments in half, stating that the government had changed the law in relation to long-term injuries. So have a backup plan just in case. Good luck.

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