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Thread: Hunger?

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    Since my injury, I haven't felt hunger. I always assumed it was because the abdominal pain sensation makes me feel full, but I'm curious - do quads generally feel hunger, or would I not get hungry even if I had no gut pain?

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    Interesting question. I'm C5/6 complete and can feel hunger. Would be interesting to hear from others.

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    I remember Dr. Young commenting about this. I'm C7/8 and do get hungry but I also get full very quickly. After a couple of bites I no longer have an appetite. Vitamins like zinc and b12 are good at increasing appetite, they worked well for me for a while but don't anymore.

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    I suppose if I went without food for awhile I could feel hunger... but I rarely ever get to that point. I guess I don't burn off food that quickly.

    PS. Alan I just tried sending you an e-mail at the address in your profile but it got returned...what gives?

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    I'm C5/6. I feel hunger. I didn't always though. I think it took a year or more after my injury before I could feel hunger.

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    Great Question!

    I know you directed this to quads, nonetheless I completely forgot that this had happened to me within my first couple of months of being injured. I just wasn't hungry...I'm not sure if it was the depression, but hunger was completely nonexistent.

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    yumm i'm a c5/6 usually hungry

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    Eat by the clock

    I am avery incomplete para and have almost no hunger sensation so I eat by the clock. Like Seneca I am very thin but my walking burns a ton of calories because of how I walk. I took zinc which improved my sense of smell and helped my appetite for a short period of time. A nutritionist worked out that I need between 3500-4000 just to maintain at 100 lbs. Not feeling hunger makes it hard to do.

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    Yeah, I get hunger pangs. (C-6 ASIA B) A friend of mine who's a C-4 does too. When I lived in Florida, he'd call me up to drive over to his house & bring some fast food if he wasn't expecting anyone home for a while. Ah, the carefree days of college in Florida...

    I also hunger for love at times, but that's a different kind of hunger.


    "...because you're not promised tomorrow" ~ Stuck Mojo

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    Hey Clipper...

    When you are feeling hunger, lets go out for lunch!!!
    I'm almost free....

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