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Thread: Ever wish u hadn't survived your injury?

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    Ever wish u hadn't survived your injury?

    Does anybody wish they hadn't survived their injury?

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    I used to but not so much anymore.To many friends and a niece and nephew who i couldnt imagine not being around..


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    Only in the first few years.

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    Aug 2001
    Phoenix, AZ, USA

    I did not have a choice

    I had a near-death-experience (NDE) at the time of my accident. I was "visited" (Don't know if it was God, death, or whomever because it is hard to describe the actual event) and told "I am not taking you this time, I have something for you to do".

    Every so often I wish I could figure out what it was I need to do so I did not have to live in this chair and suffer so much.

    "And so it begins."

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    If I had known what was ahead of me, I would have let myself panic under water, and been dead by the time I got hauled out. Instead, I followed all the instructions from years of swimming classes (if you don't panic, you'll be fine - HAH!), stayed calm, and didn't let myself inhale water. Eventually, I did black out (must have taken a good three minutes at least), which is when I was rescued. It apparently didn't take much for my friend to restore me to consciousness, and I never had any lung problem from inhaling water, so it must not have been much after the blackout.

    Yeah, I wish I'd drowned. In my case, it would actually have been a pretty peaceful way to go, since no panic was involved. I said my goodbyes, and was very calm.

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    No, I'm happy to be alive, death is a scary thing regardless of the circumstances although I have been in situations that were so psychologically unbearable that I thought death was my only outlet. It had nothing to do with my injury though.

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    I was mad for a long time at the people who stopped at the scene of my MVA and saved my life. Death seemed like a better option when I was struggling to get used to this hell on wheels. Now, I don't have those thoughts anymore. My kids need their mom, wheelchair or not. In my husband's anger phase, I used to tell him that they saved my life to piss him off and make him as miserable as hell. I'm so sweet and caring! LOL

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    live or die

    I think the first 1 yr after my sci I would think, damn this sucks.. I wish I was dead... Life got better little by little... If I would not have lived I would not be able to enjoy my three beautiful girls or my handsome husband... If my accident did not happen I probably would never have married my husband...

    Enjoying my life after sci Anna

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    harrison twp. mi


    never. i fought my ass off to stay alive. i have three kids and i've always taught them never to quit. it just wasn't an option.

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    beaumont tx usa
    when i was injuried, the doctors wanted me to die.
    oh hush, i can hear the smart comments already.
    i was in the ER telling my mother how it happened.
    the doctor walked in saying i had a sci and that it
    was nothing he could do. the best thing was to let me
    die. i could semi-understand this if i was in a coma
    and on life support, but i was not. i was awake and alert.
    lucky my mother put up a fight and had be flown to another
    hospital or you guys wouldn't have me around keeping the
    acceptors in check.

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