I have enjoyed reading things here. Many things have helped my spirits and my of you have been so kind to share a thought or two with me. I am still very new at this compared to many of you here, being just a little over a year ago that I was injured. In the few months that I have been back home with my family we have struggle to adjust to this and make sense out of life. I see all this debate about a cure. I wonder if it is possible for us to be civil and kind and respect each other. Certainly I'd like to be cured, and my family would be overjoyed.

I am afraid to even say that I am trying to accept my new life but I am. I don't think I'll be cured next week or next month or maybe even next year, so I have to try on go on with my life, if for no other reason that my girls who deserve a mother so much. Somehow the seems to be a sentiment buy some that this is not acceptable, and even thinking about trying to accept things as they are is somehow not politically correct in their minds and therefore not correct for everyone concerned.

I hope we can go back to helping each other learn to live each day the best we can. I know I am trying, and that it is very difficult most of the time. But I am learning, and so is our family.

Sorry for rambling so long, but I needed to ay something.