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Thread: Beds

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    I am going to have to buy a new mattress in a few monthes and am trying to figure out what kind I want to spend my money on. I currently sleep on a regular flat mattress and it is not in very good shape. I know I am going to have to put out some dough, but you have to take care of your body, don't want to get pressure sores.

    So, I have a question.... What kind of bed do you all sleep on? What do you think the pros and cons of your bed is? Please offer your advise.

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    I sleep on a normal bed but have a sheepskin blanket on it. I find it much easier on my skin that way

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    I sleep on a regular mattress with an egg-crate.

    The SpinalNurses prob have some good advice for you in the Care Forum.

    ... ...

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    Bed vs. mattress

    Keep in mind that you have two issues. One is the type of FRAME you want (adjustable, hospital, standard, etc.) and the other is the type of MATTRESS you want.

    The choice of frames may have to do with your ability to do ADLs, transfer, need to elevate your head for AD, caregiver needs, and whether or not you sleep with a partner.

    The mattress should be focused primarily on needs for pressure reduction and reduction of shearing forces on the skin. Secondarily ease of use for transfers and stability for ADLs should be considered as well. Most mattresses that allow you to sink in more (without bottoming out) provide more pressure reduction, but often at the loss of stability for transfers and ADLs (try long sitting on a traditional waterbed, even if you are AB!!!).

    You can combine most mattress systems (except water beds) with most bed frame systems.

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    I sleep on a Select Comfort air-filled mattress with a cushy "pillow top" covering. I highly recommend this bed, since you can adjust its firmness depending on your needs. It fits any type of frame. For example, I used a waterbed for many years and was able to put the SC mattress in the WB frame. Waterbed was great for pressure relief, not so great for back comfort, transfers and cats.

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    I sleep on my wife, mostly

    She still rates me in the morning as to how well I cuddled with her so I often put one leg over hers and lean the rest of my body on/over hers. As she turns in the night I adjust.

    I think mattress quality is important for those who don't transfer effortlessly and for those who sleep in the same position for the whole night. I'm a C6 and have never paid any attention. Except that a water bed really helped build up my shoulder muscles. And that putting a big pillow under my chest seems to equalize all mattresses.

    Sorry for my reply. I am a mattress non-aficianado.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    My wife and I did a lot of research before getting a bed. We try to keep everything looking as normal as possible. We have the beds from transfer master and mattresses from select comfort. It also made a huge difference in our marriage, to be able to get back in the same bed. I was in a hospital bed for the first two years after injury. Here is a picture:

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    At first we had a waterbed, then about 4 yrs ago we bought a pillow top mattress... I love it... Anna

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    Futon Beds

    My son has a T6 injury 16mths ago He sleeps on a 6" foam core futon and does not have any problems with pressure sores I made the bed base a bit higher than the traditional futon bed so he can transfer easily We put a mattress protector on it & we put it in the sun for a day to sanitise every month or so.

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    Question for Carl R and others who sleep with AB spouses

    I am a C 5/6 quadriplegic. I am currently sleeping on hospital bed with the laterally turning mattress and my husband and I would like to eventually sleep together. I have a question for Carl R and anyone who sleeps with their AB spouse. How exactly is your bed now set up? It almost looks like a California king size by the picture. Is it two separate beds put together on one frame? Does your side raise and lower? Does your caregiver range you in this bed? What about pressure sores, are you being turned? Did you just order this bed from a Select Comfort web site? As you can tell I'm full of questions and any answers would be very appreciated.

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