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Thread: Abilities Expo in NJ

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    Abilities Expo in NJ

    So good to be home, but I wanted to share what a wonderful weekend I had at the Abilities Expo in NJ. First, I want to encourage all of you who can to get to the nearest AE to you. There are exciting new products and improvements for health, recreation, travel, etc. I was really impressed and brought home a bag of free info.

    Second, what it joy it was to meet some of you from this forum! Mary, Scorpion, Claire, Marmalady, FREEJ, and future member Bob. Sorry I missed you Rusty James. And then of course last weekend I met Brians. Let me tell you folks, we've got some great, great people on this forum. Each person I've met has a new place in my heart. The courage, strength, and determination exhibited in each of these people is even more inspiring in person.

    It was fun hanging out at Scorp's booth, meeting people, watching him draw and listening to him wax eloquent about life in general. What a dude. It was great to finally meet you. And I saw your van (from a great distance). It doesn't look so bad! Claire, you're so beautiful--on the inside and out. I spotted you at a distance before I even knew who you were. You must light up every room you enter. It was such a joy to talk to you. FREEJ (and Chris) it's a good thing I'm a married woman! I probably would have made a total idiot of myself if I wasn't. So handsome, so nice, such gentlemen. I even told my husband that the two of you reminded me of movie stars. You're not, are you? Marmalady, I'm sorry we didn't get to talk more. You've been a great source of solid advice and strength. And you son is very cute! And Bob, if you're out there yet, so good to talk w/you as well. You found 2 soulmates the moment you arrived at Scorp's booth (Scorp/Rus and Mary). I hope you get involved in the forum. We need the vantage point of your age and experience (sci 1964).

    Last, but certainly not least, Mary! What a joy and privilege it was to meet you and spend all that time w/you--laughing, talking, eating, and (yes, Rus) a little drinking. Thanks for all you do for those you love. And thanks for giving me the scoop on life straight up.

    I have to admit one very big disappointment. I didn't see Dr. Wise Young. Dr. Y, it wouldn've been nice to meet and talk to you, but I know you're real busy. Maybe another time.

    Once again, I want to encourage those of you who can get to the other AE's this year, please make every effort. And coordinate a meeting spot for the CareCure posters. You'll have a great time.

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    I had a blast but it's 1 a.m. I think I'll write more tomorrow..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!NIGHTY NIGHT....

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    Hi Marco,,,Hey the thoughts are mutual, and thank you for the kind words. It was nice to meet you as well . ''Go Ragin Cajun's .''

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    Lots of great folks!

    I had a really great time as well. I spent most of my time at the Teftec Mobility booth so I'm sure I met some of you. I have a lot of e-mail address now from other OmegaTrac owners and met a lot of great people. I took a lot of pictures and should have a website up for those who could not make it by Wednesday.

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    Well then, the Expo

    Quite frankly I am speechless...miracle of miracles, I am speechless. I chucked the original plan to attend lectures and classes and took my learning from the main floor and the people who came by the booth. I asked questions and listened carefully. I think open ears and mind raise awareness. Mine was raised. Oddly enough I feel very different as a person, which I believe can only make my goals easier to reach. I sat at Rus's booth on Saturday and was struck by this thought: No matter who you were on that floor you could probably look to the left or right and see someone better or worse off than you are , so better to just have solidarity.

    I met some wonderful people this weekend. Here are some little notes for them:

    Scorpion: You ROCK!!

    marmalady: You ROCK too!! (Say hi to Matt)

    Marcomo: Rocking on!!

    Clair: You are beautiful!! So is your sister.

    FreeJ: You are a very special man....thank you for being friendly and kind and understanding about the license plate thing...about pictures funny you should ask.....

    Bob, I hope you sign on with us...I know its like pushing up a big hill right now but you are going to do just great!

    If there is anyone I forgot just chime in because I am still speechless...hee hee my idea of speechless...


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    'HEY ST. MARY !!''


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    This was the 1st time I've been to the Abilities Expo. It was a great eye opener. My only regret is that it took me this long. If you are stuck in a wheelchair, the technology is there to stay fit until THE CURE. If you're fortunate enough to take advantage of it, it's a must.
    Scorpion, it was great to meet you. You are talented! I wanted to pick your brain more about technique, but you were too in demand; everyone wanted your attention. C'est la vie.
    Mary, It was a pleasure meeting you. You're a people person too. Hope you pass your licensing exam.
    Marcomo, Wow, you're so sweet and genuine. Thank you. You made me feel like a million bucks!!
    FreeJ, Sorry I just missed you !

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    It was cool to meet everybody! No one was freaky or scary, as can be the case with people on the 'Net. Below is a shot of me drawing. I actually kind of hate the picture, but oh's not too bad, I guess. I generally either like or hate pictures of myself.


    Life's too short to fear the possibility of failure.

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    Hi to all i met at the Expo! For everyone I met, you're all a group of d-n fine people, and I'm proud to be a part of that group! To FreeJ, and Bruce, and Claire, I'm sorry I missed you - family obligations were tugging at me, and Saturday was my son's day to check out info he was interested in - and since I carry the checkbook, I had to tag along!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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