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Thread: Bad experience in Miami

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    Bad experience in Miami

    Went to Miami for three weeks for biofeedback. We drove for two days to get there. When we finally arrived at 8:00pm, we found our hotel and I went inside to check in. The girl at the front desk told me that the only rooms available were on the second floor (no elevator). I explained to her that I had booked a handicap room with a roll-in shower nine months in advance and have called three times to confirm that reservation. She told me that she understands but when you make a reservation for a "specific" room, you are not guaranteed that room. I again tried to explain to her that when someone in a wheelchair books a handicapped room, they NEED it and cannot use a room on the second floor. She got very nasty and said there was nothing she could do for us. I asked her if there was someone she could call. She said no. So needless to say, we left and went driving around trying to find another hotel that had a roll-in shower and would allow us to bring our dog in with us. We found a very nice hotel. The next day we went back to the first hotel to talk with the manager. He apologized for what had happened but said the same thing that when you book a hotel room, you are not guaranteed that specific room. I told him it was like telling someone that they can't guarantee that there room will have a door. How do you get in?? Anyway, while arguing with the manager, there was a hotel guest in the lobby checking out of his room. He came over to us and said that he was in a handicapped room and did not ask or need one. They just gave it to him. So he got the room that we had a reservation for when he could have been put in the room on the second floor. The manager explained that if someone comes into the hotel and asks for a first floor room and there are no regular first floor rooms available, they will give them a handicapped room without looking to see if there is a reservation already made for the handicapped room. To me, this is outrageous. How can a hotel operate like this? After calling the corporate headquarters for this hotel, the manager from the Miami hotel called me to ask me to come and stay at his hotel and they would give us free dinners - I said no, they offered to give us half price - I said no, they offered to have us stay for the whole three weeks for free - I said no because I feel that you don't patronize a place that treats you like that especially when the second hotel had bent over backwards for us. Then finally the manager offered to pay the difference between their rate and the higher rate we were paying at the second hotel. I agreed. Well, this was all in the beginning of January. Nothing yet. I called the hotel manager three times and he never called back. I got a hold of him once and he said he would call me back the next week. That was three weeks ago. Finally yesterday I got mad and decided to start filing complaints. I started with the BBB. Then before I went on to any other disability complaints, I called the headquarters of the hotel and they said I should be getting a refund check shortly. My question is, do I still file a complaint for the disability? I feel like if they make it up to us (i.e. paying the difference) then I shouldn't file a complaint. But then again I feel like maybe they are giving us the run around. I hear that you have to file a complaint within the first 180 days. It has been 90 days. I just wonder if they are trying to hold me off until I can't file anymore. What do you think?

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    What about the biofeedback?

    Did you meet Dr Brucker?

    ... ...

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    JJ, just another obstacle along the sci journey. But things seem to work out for you. For future reference; What was the name of the hotel that didn't deliver,,,,, The hotel that did accomodate you,,,,,

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    JLB, Yes we met with Dr. Brucker. This was our second year attending the biofeedback program. Dr. Brucker is a very nice and knowledgeable person. We enjoy when we get to talk with him. Boy does he love to talk!

    FreeJ, the hotel was Homestead Village Suites, Miami Airport, Doral on NW 33rd Street. They have two different hotels in Miami. They said they were going to change their policies, but who knows. I know we will never (attempt?) stay there again. The hotel that was great to us was Mainstay Suites on Fairway Drive. They were so nice and we didn't even tell them about our problem with the other hotel. They even let our dog stay for no additional charge.

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    I just went to their website and left them a "little note" about how I felt about your incident and how they handled it.

    If any one else wants to do the same their web address is Just go to the "contact us" link at the top.


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    Thank you I appreciate that. I think they need to know that it is not acceptable business practice.

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    Miami Homestead

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    My name is Chelsie Cooper and I am the Guest Relations Manager for Homestead Studio Suites Hotels. I was forwarded this website and the comments about one of our hotels today and I would like to respond to all of your concerns. I would like to start off by thanking Maceyka for bringing the website to my attention. Without comments from our guests, past and potential, we are unable to know everything that occurs and correct our issues.

    I spoke with the previous guest of our Miami/Airport Doral location yesterday. I definitely understand her concerns and I apologize for the issue that happened at this particular Homestead location. I assure you that this was an isolated incident that will not happen in the future. Homestead takes a lot of pride in Customer Service, something that this guest did not experience while they were in the Miami area.

    I am not only frustrated but also concerned that one of our hotels was lacking in taking care of one of our guest's needs. At all of our 111 locations a handicapped assessable room type is a GUARANTEE, not a request. There should not have been any reason that the room reserved was not available upon this guest's arrival. If for some unseen reason that a room was not available when they arrived, it is our policy to find our guests comparable accommodations and pay for the first's night rent of the other hotel.

    I am happy to say that Homestead did make several offers to compensate this guest for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we did not follow through with our promise of a refund for the difference between the cost of our hotel and the hotel that the guest had a good experience at. Since this issue was brought to my attention yesterday, the appropriate people have been notified of this matter and corrective actions have been taken. The refund check of $588 was sent in for processing and a complimentary certificate good for any of our 111 locations is being sent to this previous guest in hopes that they will give us a second chance to make a first right impression.

    This is not a common Homestead practice and we would like the opportunity to restore the faith that this guest once had. I hope that all of you understand as I do, that our hotel in not perfect. We strive on a daily basis to increase our services and standards. We are using this as a stepping stone to educate our staff on Homestead policies and services.

    The team at Homestead appreciates any comments or concerns that our guests have. I would be more than happy to also answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


    Chelsie Cooper
    Guest Relations Manager
    Homestead Studio Suites Hotels
    (770) 303-8511 (Phone)
    (770) 980-2311 (Fax)

    Visit us on the web at

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    J, thanks for sharing this

    horrible experience. Scott and I may be back in Miami this summer, and we'll be sure to stay where you did. We, too, weren't thrilled w/our choice of hotels, but we'd never been to Miami before. I know exactly where this hotel is and it's convenient to the hospital.

    Your experience proves that, as much progress that has been made w/hotels and other businesses re: accessibility and awareness, there's definitely a long way to go.

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    You are quite welcome!

    I must say, I am impressed with Chelsie's response, especially as timely as it was. Although, I'm not sure I would give a second chance if it happened to me personally...maybe I would!?!?


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    bad trip in miami

    jjs there is an ADA guy in miami who might be able to at least make sure these people know how to treat us. we have more trouble with hotels also, like we ask for the handicap room because we just like the bigger bathrooms. his e=mail is he handles ADA stuff for the whole state, parking lots, building everything. guve him a shout and see what he can do.

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