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Thread: dress shoes to wear with AFO/KFO

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    dress shoes to wear with AFO/KFO

    I haven't seen this topic addressed here before--what are your resources for shoes to wear with braces? Specifically, we need shoes that my daughter can wear with a bridesmaid dress, and that will fit with her AFO and KFO. Any suggestions for websites, catalogs, good stores, etc.?

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    Dress Shoes...

    Hi Glory,

    I've just been through this, and I do wish I had a good answer! We had to find dress shoes my DD15 could wear with her equipment, and the search lead up to Naturalizer, where we found some styles that come in extra wide, that accomodate her orthotics. The one style that fit better than the others, we purchased, then I took them to a shoe shop where they fitted them with a strap that goes right over her instep to keep the shoe in place better. She also covered her orthotics with the legs of black opaque hose to disguise them, and wore black hose with the dress.
    She also owns a pair of stylish black boots w/ low heals that she wears a good deal of the time. I think we got them at Shoe Carnival, and were just lucky that they came in 'wide' and have elastic 'laces' that keep the shoe snug. Other than that, she lives in red high-top sneakers. I'm looking forward to the answers that other people come up with, because this has been giving my former "Emelda Marcos Wannabe" fits also.


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    Hi, Glorybee - I'm going to move your post question over to the 'Life' forum, where you may get more replies, and lock it out in the Caregivers Forum.

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    Womens Shoes

    They come in a ton of sizes, widths and styles and I love Easy Spirits and they carry them!

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    Shoes with braces!


    My daughter (t12 incomplete) and I were looking at the Board the other night and found your post about the shoes. Karen has been wearing Men's Doc Marten's shoes since December but they are very big, heavy and very cumbersome. At the time they were the only ones we could find that her leg braces would fit into. She is going to Mexico for a wedding in a few days and hated the thought of wearing her heavy shoes with a dress. Your post (and the replies) made her enthusiastic about trying to find nicer shoes. We went shopping yesterday and found 2 pairs that fit over her braces!!! She was estatic! One pair are sandles and the others are just a smaller plain flat shoe with a velcro strap. But she can't get over how light they are compared to her big heavy shoes she was wearing! So I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging her to try again for shoes!

    PS - On the weekend at a Sports Banquet, she won a "Special Trophy" "In Recognition of Outstanding Courage, & Overcoming Adversity & hoping to return to Competition". It was the only one of the evening to get a standing ovation. We were all so proud. (she was a Canadian Team Athlete before an equestrian accident on Sept. 18/01).

    Thanks again! Darlene

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    I'm so glad your daughter found some shoes that she likes! Where did she find them? What brand are they?

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