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Thread: Apartment in NYC

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    Apartment in NYC

    Hi all - A friend of mine is looking for an accessible apartment in NYC (Manhattan or perhaps Brooklyn) and is finding that most realtors there don't have a clue.

    Can anyone give me the names of knowledgeable rental agents in NYC, or any other leads to accessible apartments there? Thanks! - fw

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    You might check with the local ILC

    Is he looking for section 8 (HUD) housing, or are his resources too good for that? I would imagine that it is easier to find accessible housing outside the city as this will be newer housing for the most part.

    Here is another resource to explore:


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    Accessible apt. in NYC

    Thanks, KLD. The woman I'm helping out is looking for a market-rate place. And basic accessibility will do: wide doorways, no steps. This is a situation of an AB just wanting her friends to be able to get into her new digs. In NYC, that seems to be asking for the moon.

    The ilusa link seems to be dead. I'll try it again over the next few days. won't help in this particular situation. But it's is an interesting site, I'll have to check it out later in detail on my own account. - fw

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    I live in NYC on the Upper West Side. I'm not familiar with any realtor who has any special knowledge of accessibile housing. The good news is that there are many apartment buildings that by luck or accident are accessible, pre-war and post-war.

    There are certainly many hundreds of apartment buildings that have no-step street level entrances and wide doorways and hallways. The biggest frustration are narrow bathroom doorways -- a phenomenon hardly exclusive to NYC apartments. I had to have mine widened when I moved in. BUT, there are apartments that have it all. You've just got to do a lot of looking.

    Also, you might try contacting the EPVA (Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association) as well as the OT/PT departments at Mount Sinai Medical Center and The Rusk Institute at New York University Medical Center. I'm sure they must deal with these issues all the time.

    Good luck!

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    That's what happens when I post an URL from memory. Here is the actual URL straight the the ILC directory:


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