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Thread: wheelchair clothing

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    wheelchair clothing

    I have seen a few websites on clothing made specifically for a wheelchair user. Has anyone ever tried any of them and how did you like them. Were they worth the money? I am really interested in the pants. My husbands butt hangs out of his pants when he bends over and his pants fall down when he does a lot of transfers into and out of our van. I also would like to know about dress shirts and jackets. On a few occasions since my husband was injured, he has had to wear a dress jacket and it doesn't look right in the sitting position. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Look here for a couple of different companies that design clothing for wheelchair users:

    We ordered some pants from Rolli-Moden and were very pleased with them. The seat seams are flat, not like blue jeans, and the seat area is cut higher.

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    Their clothes look great. Not the cheapest in the world, but can really look sharp:


    Some people also like the jeans at USA Jeans:

    USA Jeans

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    wheelchair clothing

    My son buys jeans and pants from Rolli-Moden and we have been very pleased with their design, quality, and the service we receive. The staff are always very pleasant and helpful. When my son needed a tuxedo for his wedding last June, we tried to order Rolli-Moden's tuxedo but they were discontinuing that item. Nevertheless they contacted their headquarters in Germany and managed to find both the jacket and pants in the right sizes. They offered to send a couple of sizes so he could see which one fit best. Thanks to Rolli-Moden he looked great at his wedding. I just ordered more jeans today as "quad-belly" has increased his jeans size.

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    A Vote for Rolli's

    I agree on the Rolli Moden.

    After trying several other brands of "Adaptive clothing" and years of trying to make off the shelf brands like Levi Jeans and Dockers work I bought some Rolli Moden's and I am sold on them since.

    Dress clothes and casuals. Jeans in particular are nice and they don't look like crip clothes they are just cut to be sitting down in rather than standing up.

    Their seams are great too.

    One suggestion would be to follow the sizing/measuring instructions in the catalog closely.


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    Thank You

    All of your responses are a big help. I thought maybe Rolli Moden was probably the best and they seem to have a good selection. They are just more expensive than regular clothes so I wanted to make sure that it was really worth it. We are expecting a free catalog soon so I think we will try buying something. Thanks for the tip about following the measurements closely. I probably would have guessed.

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    I just wanted to say...

    that what I'm waiting for is some "hip" clothes that are adaptive. No offense to the companies that are already out there making adaptive clothing, but not everyone in a chair is a working professional or elderly. Jeans and other so-called casual clothing aside, I think there's a hole in the market because young people in chairs want to dress like their peers.

    I mean, I'm only 27, and if we're gonna be honest about it, then I have to say that the only time I'd buy adaptive clothing is for work. Otherwise, I'll continue with my current clothes shopping habits (hello men's jeans and extra large tops!).

    BTW, I'd create such a fashion line myself, but I can't sew to save my life, and well... I never said I had *the* greatest taste in the world! hehehehe


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    I hear ya...I want to wear regular clothes, that I can shop for with my friends. i found the best thing so far was to shop with friends the same size as me-then they can try stuff on to check for the dreaded low rise! And if I find a style that works I buy a couple pairs.

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    drawstring waist 'jeans'

    I was looking at some Christmas catalogs and saw these 'jeans', as an easier option to put on than regular jeans:

    Jeans Lounge Pants

    These lounge pants look like a ripped-up, much-beloved pair of denim jeans-but they're actually super-soft cotton with amazingly realistic front-and-back printing and a much more forgiving stretch. 100% cotton with elastic drawstring waist. Machine wash. Imported. S-XL


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    My vote goes to Rolli Moden as well, I've had dress trousers and jeans from then and they fit well and are good quality with the flat seams no rear pockets and longer zips for cathing as well.
    Another one where I've bought a couple of pairs of jeans is here in the UK.

    The higher backed waistline is a real advantage in keeping your tops in and avoiding sitting on seams or your breeks falling down mid transfer.

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