The House and Senate Join Forces Behind Real Choice and MiCASSA !
S 1298 and HR 3612

May 15th at 12:00 eastern time
11 am central, 10 am mountain, 9 am pacific, 8 am in Hawaii

Events will be held simultaneously at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in
Washington DC and in 50 cities across the nation.

This MiCASSA event will include:

* a telephone address by the MiCASSA sponsors Senators Tom Harkin and Arlen
Specter, and Representatives Danny Davis and John Shimkus!

* a short press event.

S. 1298 and HR. 3612, the Medicaid Community Attendant Services and Supports
Act, MiCASSA, are federal bills that would allow people with disabilities
who need long term services and supports to have the Real Choice of getting
these services in their own homes and communities instead of nursing homes,
state schools and other institutions.

If you support Real Choice in long term care...

If you support the right to community services instead of being forced into
an institution...

If you support our homes not nursing homes or institutions ...

Join us and let's reform the system together!

For more information: call 512/442-0252 (voice/TDD) or e-mail us at


To Be Part of the Grassroots MiCASSA Telephone Event, You Will Need To:

* Find an accessible space to call from that is available for at least an
hour during the time of the event,

* Have a group of at least 20 people (we have limited hookups and we want to
let as many people as possible take part),

* Invite other folks from your area to join you for the call (aging,
developmental disability, independent living, mental health, etc.)

* Have a speakerphone so everyone can hear (interpreter if needed)

Contact Topeka Independent Living Resource Center's Jeannine Eklund
785/233-4572 or E-mail Address: and let her know you want
to be a telephone hook up site for the MiCASSA event.

When you make your reservation to be part of the telephone event, you will
get instructions on how the system will work, and we will contact you with a
call in number and ID code.

Deadline to register for the call is May 8th, and since the number of phone
lines is limited, the sooner you contact Jeannine, the better!

Make it an event in your town too!

* Hold a local press conference (we have a sample press release).

* Invite people from local Olmstead groups to join you!

* Invite staff from your Congressperson's office to join you.

* Get other groups to sign up as MiCASSA Supporters.

* Have a letter writing party to your Senators and Congressperson asking
them to co-sponsor MiCASSA!

(The telephone grassroots hook up is co-sponsored by NCIL and ADAPT!)

For immediate release Contact: (name & phone number)

HR 3612 & S 1298 MiCASSA

As part of a national Campaign for Real Choice in long term care, a
coalition of MiCASSA Supporters will hold a press event Wednesday May 15th,
as part of a national network of events in over 50 locations, including the
nation's Capitol, at noon eastern time.

In Washington DC the event will take place at the Dirksen Senate Office
Building, and here
in ______(your town)____ the local event will be held at __x,y,z
(You can add something about who will be there, what you are doing, why you
are excited
to be part of the event. If you have some folks who want out, or have
gotten out of
nursing homes or institutions who don't mind having their story told, you
can add that too.)

This event celebrates the joining of House and Senate support for this
national legislation, the Medicaid Community Attendant Services and Supports
Act, MiCASSA, S. 1298 and HR 3612. Co-sponsored by Senators Tom Harkin (D,
Iowa) and Arlen Specter (R, Pennsylvania) and by Representatives Danny Davis
(D, Chicago IL) and John Shimkus (R - Springfield, IL) MiCASSA would level
the Medicaid long term care playing field by ending the funding bias toward
nursing homes and other institutions, like ICFs-MR. Instead, money would
follow the eligible individual who could choose to receive services in the
community instead of being forced into an institution or nursing home.

"People overwhelmingly want fundamental reform of the Medicaid long term
care system," said event organizer Mike Oxford. "Six hundred and eight
national, state and local organizations from across the nation have
officially endorsed MiCASSA, and the list is growing!"

This event will include a rally and a nation-wide telephone address by
MiCASSA's co-sponsors. In addition, local groups will hold events in their
home communities after the national address.

The kick off will begin at 12:00 eastern time, 11 am central, 10 am
mountain, 9 am pacific and 8 am in Hawaii.

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