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Thread: Power chair controls

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    Power chair controls

    I would like to know how those of you who use power chairs drive them?

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    I see that there is someone else using a sip and puff. I'd like to share information.

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    I know I asked this a while ago but I am still wondering if sip and puff is the best option in the long term to control my chair. It isn't easy to talk to others about this first hand except for probably here. Any comments would be helpful as I am trying to decide on longer term solutions to getting on with my life such as it is these days.


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    When I "shopped" for a power chair shortly after my injury (C 5/6) my PT told me to get the features that required as much movement as I could handle. For me, that meant a joystick, even though I had a lot of trouble using it at first. If you can use a joystick rather than a sip and puff, you can chew gum and roll at the same time!

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    I should have said that a joy stick really isn't an option for me at this time.

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