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Thread: A word challenge

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    A word challenge

    My daughter Heather brought home a fun assignment from school. We have til next Monday to work on this. It is called "Dollar Words". You have to find words that add up to 100 using the formula
    A=1, B=2, C=3 etc to Z=26. We so far have excellent, attitude, discipline, accumulate, acknowledge, clockwise, boundary, arrivals, drizzle, consigns, delivery, pumpkin and dignified. I know I have read that some of you are looking for things to do so I thought maybe you could put you brain to work and help us out. There is a boy in her class that has 40 already and she wants to pass him. Heather is a T-12, spunky 9 year old. Have fun!!! Thanks.

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    Maybe it's cheating, but--

    Our own daughter Heather brought home the same assignment, and her amazing dad wrote a little program which produced lots and lots of one dollar words . . . so, if she really wants to beat that other kid, email me, and I'll pass along the list, along with the program that produces it.

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