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  • I use a power chair all the time.

    184 34.46%
  • I use a power chair to be independent when outside.

    83 15.54%
  • I never use a power chair.

    240 44.94%
  • I would like to use a power chair but don't because of expense.

    27 5.06%
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Thread: How many use power chairs?

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    Do any people here use some of the newer power-assisted chairs?


    My daughter has the eMotion wheels on her new chair, and LOVES them.

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    part time power

    Hi all. I'm new here. I'm T6 six yrs post injury and 55 yrs old. I have a TI chair I use most of the time , but outside I get in the Jazzy. I can zoom around the yard and take Rosie for a run in the pasture, which would be impossible in my little Ti!

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    Manual vs., Power

    I'm a t-12 para and currenlty use only a manaul chair:however, I find myself limitted due to arthritis in my hands,elbows and shoulders...When this is bad I would use a power chair for outdoor mobility..however thier too expencive and I'm not covered for one.It would be nice to go out with my son and daugther when their going for bike rides etc., and not have to make them wait..The sidewalks in my community are more pot-holes then cement...I think chioce between the two would be beneficial to alot of sci people......

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    I will get a new power chair in a week or two but like Littlecanoe i will only use it outdoors for mobility.

    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"

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    I started using a power chair nearly 2 years ago. I had used a manual chair for 17 years and the strain on my shoulders and wrists was getting to be too much. I use my power chair all the time, unless I'm travelling out of town in a car. I have so much more freedom now than I did when I was in my manual chair. I can go dancing, hold the hand of my nephew or my niece when we go for walks, play "Ring Around The Rosey" with them, go just about anywhere because the power chair is 5" narrower than my manual...before I got my power chair my shoulders and wrists were so bad I could hardly get out of bed. The only thing I regret is not getting one sooner.

    He is able who thinks he is able. - Buddha

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    i'm a c6-7 quad. Injured in 1985, now 34.

    I have a real hard time keeping up with my 4 year old. This summer I rigged up my Halls wheelchair to a 24v power scooter (power board)

    the sucker does 12mph! lots of fun. it's good for about 4-5 miles & disconnects when we are done playing

    working on incorporating something for other wheelchairs.

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    when i was first injured, two years ago, i was told i was too young to use a power chair. im a c6-7 and had some difficulties getting around, but figured in time id get stronger. i did, i get around good, depending where I go. i get a lotta pain in my neck. i have the emotion power assisited wheels, but havent used them very much. theyre way to heavy to take them off a manual chair everytime I go somewhere. the only exercise i really get is pushing my chair, so i figure as long as i can, ill use a manual, but sometimes I think a power chair would be nice too!

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    This poll is yielding some very interesting results. While the sampling of the population is not scientific, it is suggesting that over 50% of our population use a power chair all or some of the time, want to but cannot due to expense. This is considerably more than I had expected. With nearly 400 people voting, I think that the numbers are getting more and more credible. Wise.

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    As I point out in my novel, we (the SCI community) are a cash cow needing many expensive items just to maintain a certain level of quality of life. An inexpensive cure here in the US will not be a reality any time soon. They will not make the same mistake they made with polio. Thank God for the progress they are making in China.

    Yes, I'm using my 2nd electric chair. My first lasted me 25 years using duct tape and prayer.


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    In a wheelchair
    i never have always a rigid

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