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  • I use a power chair all the time.

    184 34.46%
  • I use a power chair to be independent when outside.

    83 15.54%
  • I never use a power chair.

    240 44.94%
  • I would like to use a power chair but don't because of expense.

    27 5.06%
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Thread: How many use power chairs?

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    It's An OmegaTrac

    Mine is the only one I know of like this though. The company has work with me a lot to build it to just what I need. The electronics have been moved to behind the seat so I can go through up to a foot of water, it has a 6,000 pound winch, trailer hitch, heavy duty suspension, and all-terrain tires.
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    Originally posted by FREEJ:

    Bruce,,,u've got the 'bigfoot' of power chairs. Do u have a link for that beast for further specs,,,,

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    EMI, I've used a power chair for 2 years now, since my accident. I had busted myself up pretty good so that was my only option at the time, I'm a T5-6 complete. I appreciate the freedom it has given me in the past couple of years but, I have to agree with you in that it does make me feel more disabled. I am working to being able to get into a manual chair as soon as I can. I think it will help me be healthier in that I will be able to ge more cardio exercise. Plus, I will be able to go with other people in their cars, right now I'm limited to a van with a lift or the very limited public transportation in town. I know that no matter what kind of chair I am in my vision of how disabled I am is a matter of how I look at myself. Something that is sometimes hard to remember. Just hang in there and remember that your chair can imprison you or set you free, it's all in how you look at it. In fact I'm working on how to "dance" in my power chair. Wish me luck.

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    I feel more disabled in a powerchair but I like the freedom it affords me. With my van I can go out by my self and not worry about needing someone to assist me in some situations. Some places are also too difficult to access with a manual chair when your alone.

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    Ive been in a power chair since 1976 I dont know what I could do without it. Sure I wish I could push a manual chair, I would also like to walk, but we use what we have.

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    Originally posted by Emi:

    I'm just curious how many people here use power chairs.
    And does anyone else feel more disabled when they are in a power chair? Thats how I feel.
    I use a power chair 99 percent of the time. I feel like a disabled freak when using the chair, so I don't give it any thought and I avoid looking in mirrors.

    When using my manual chair I feel more normal, and alive. I even enjoy looking at myself in the mirror.


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    I answered for my husband

    He refuses to use a power chair because he thinks it would make him look more disabled. I wish he'd change his mind, though (not much chance of that) because I've been the official family pusher for 25 years now and I'm getting worn out.

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    Bumping up for more votes

    There should be more people who can vote in this poll. We have nearly 1800 registered members and close to 70% of the members have spinal cord injury. This poll is very interesting... because it suggests that a large majority of the community use power wheelchairs. Is this because most of the people who vote in this poll have cervical spinal cord injury and the people with thoracic spinal cord injury are not voting?


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    Originally posted by Wise Young:

    Is this because most of the people who vote in this poll have cervical spinal cord injury and the people with thoracic spinal cord injury are not voting?

    I believe so. The title of this thread implies that the subject is for powerchair users. The title should read -

    "Poll - Do you use a manual or powerchair?"

    And then of course add "I use a manual chair" option to the poll.


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    I think that Emi may have intended this poll to find out how many people in this community use power chairs. About 50% of the members of this community indicate that they have cervical spinal cord injury (this is just a sample, however, of those members who have indicated that they do or do not have spinal cord injury). I think it is interesting to know how many people who have spinal cord injury use power chairs at least part time, regardless of the level of their injury.


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    i have a power chair; it sts in the garage and acts as a shelf. i like the indoor manouverability the manual gives. and yes, i do feel like more of a gimp (oops, can i be pollitically incorrect for a minute) when i'm in it.

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