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  • I use a power chair all the time.

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  • I use a power chair to be independent when outside.

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  • I never use a power chair.

    240 44.94%
  • I would like to use a power chair but don't because of expense.

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Thread: How many use power chairs?

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    How many use power chairs?

    I'm just curious how many people here use power chairs.
    And does anyone else feel more disabled when they are in a power chair? Thats how I feel.

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    Originally posted by Emi:

    And does anyone else feel more disabled when they are in a power chair? Thats how I feel.
    I used a powerchair when first injured because of other broken bones. I felt much less disabled as soon as I started using a manual chair. (which I always do, I'm a T4 in pretty good shape)

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    And does anyone else feel more disabled when they are in a power chair? Thats how I feel.
    I can HONESTLY say that I feel a thousand percent LESS handicap on the electric w/c. I'm a low level quad who SHOULD be on a manual but, I LOVE getting out and on a manual thats VERY tuff. I use an electric all the time and, Im trying to get a handbike for work out but, the independence u get is well worth it IMO.
    I rent mine and the guy there is not only very handsome but also nice and helpfull, they just change mine about 1 year ago for a faster one and now i just speed on my own from where i live down to the beach which is 2.5 miles away, (i do this in 20 min.) If u have one, USE IT it without think of what it is, instead think of what it means: FREEDOM!!!!!!!
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    Love My Power Chair

    My power chair an OmegaTrac has changed my life. It's made a mostly inaccessible world accessible to me again. I'm able to go hunting, fishing, off-roading, and climb curbs effortlessly. It's been wonderful to say the least. I've also been able to get a good job and be a better provider for my family. I drive my chair three miles to work regardless of the weather, in fact when we have a bad snow storm I'm able to get to work when my able bodied co-workers can't make it due to road conditions.

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    Bruce, that's one badass piece of machinery!


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    I do feel more disabled when using the powerchair but hey it gets me around so thats what counts

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    Bruce,,,u've got the 'bigfoot' of power chairs. Do u have a link for that beast for further specs,,,,

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    It seem to me that a power chair has its inconvenience of being impossible to pull into the car. Am I right? I use a manual one and I'm still in rehab but I intend to buy an adapted car to be as independent as possible.
    I'm a T4 complete.
    Can any of you friends clarify my doubt?

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    I use a power chair but I have for 29 years now so its not a huge issue. The big thing that drives me nuts is if it breaks down I'm stranded.

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    Check this site:
    Vans + electric chairs= GOOD


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