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Thread: Permanent mounted wheelchair voice cellphone / removable

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    Permanent mounted wheelchair voice cellphone / removable

    I mounted a voice activated cell phone to my 22 year old son's wheelchair using a car handsfree system as a speaker phone. He is a C4 quad with use of only 1 shoulder he can raise. I rewired the cell phone (inactivating the warrantee) and mounted a button over his shoulder that he can use to disconnect the calls. He can now call numbers in voice memory and hang up with no one around giving him the freedom to venture out on his own so he can call if he gets in trouble. If you're interested, I can let you know exactly how to do this and which phone is the best. I have a website at that is being used for a survey right now and once the survey is done, I can use the site to post pictures of Brian's wheelchair to show you. Until then, if you want pictures of what I did, email me and I'll send you 2 pictures so you will have some idea.

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    I have moved this topic to the "Life" forum.

    Also, when posting a poll, you may want to be sure to post more than one response. You will get garbage data with only one response...people with either ignore it, or select it, but either way you will have 100% response to your one question. This does not tell you how many people don't agree with that one response.

    If you really don't need a poll, just post a plain topic and ask others to respond.


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