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    Just me

    Is it just me or are these forums seems to mesh, or maybe the research is not being generated like it used to be. Meaning that the cure forum that I so much enjoyed reading is about daily living and not so much cure. No offence, but if I hear one more Jeff against Da, Da against Jeff, I think you all get the hint. As much As Da may not like my comment I think it's a great idea that the moderators are moving entries to the right forum. Its not like I mind reading other stuff than cure, but I personally do not have the time to weed through it all, any thoughts?

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    Cure Forum

    Not only is the cure forum confusing because it's sometimes more like the life forum, but people seem not to read some of the previous posts and keep asking the same questions )and having the same arguments.)

    I guess it's understandable given all the pages of cure material that have built up.

    Personally I think the arguments are great fun to read!!

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    It's not Jeff against DA and DA against Jeff. I seriously would like to help my friend. He rebutts every attempt, but I often still feel obliged to try. Calling a foul at the point of a foul works great in basketball. Sometimes we need to do that at other times also.

    I'm as tired of the DA debate as anyone. Still, if I could help him in any way I would certainly do it. Sometimes that means off-topic replies in certain threads. Well, I bet you endure the quirks of family and friends. I bet they endure yours. On-line is no different.

    I've known DA longer than most everyone here. It might be true that he'll never change. I might never either. That's where forbearing comes in. I ignore more of his posts than I respond to. I ignore quite a few others also. Some times that's all we can do. Other times we feel inspired to shine the light on a situation. What big, happy family is there with no problems?

    We're a big, sloppy, sometimes-functional family marching on toward a cure together. Maybe we'll learn something along the way.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Uh oh, I can feel DA being telepathically drawn to this post even as I type.

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    I'm with you

    Seneca. Here we go again. Maybe this time....nah, I must be dreaming.

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