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Thread: Members who are Parents of SCI's/ Women With SCI

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    Members who are Parents of SCI's/ Women With SCI

    I am pulling together some pediatric resources and was curious if there was a need or desire for this info from members? How many who visit here are parents of children under 18 that have SCI? It is a small segment of the SCI community.

    Also looking at the number of women with SCI's. can't tell from screen names if there is no profile. Any women interested in resources for women with SCI?

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    good idea

    i would be interested in the number of women! there are some thins guys just don't get...

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    I'd definitely be interested

    Awesome idea Cheesecake!!! My 9 year old Heather is a T-12 complete. It seem as though there aren't alot of things out there for SCI kids. These forums have been a terrific help. Keep up the good work.

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    In Touch With Kids

    Start by contacting NSCIA and asking for their In Touch With Kids program. They used to have several books, one for pre-teens called Tell It like It Is. Their penpal program may also be intact. Their website is If they don't have any of the books, Contact as they funded the books. The books are written by and for kids with SCI.

    Emi, glad you are interested.

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    Cheesacake, I was a child with an SCI and never met many others. Most of the disabled children I had contact with had MD and most of them were males. I was sent to an Easter Seals camp once, it was poorly run and managed (that's where I almost drowned), the next summer I was sent to a private MD camp which was great. We were taken on a lot of field trips, there were always lots of activities to get involved in and the counselors were all young and friendly. It was a day camp and I was aged 12-14 when I attended so it should definitely be considered as a summer activity option for adolescents with SCI's.

    Emi, I agree with you about there being a lot of issues affecting women with SCI that go unnoticed in this male dominated community like the fact that menstrual cramps can cause severe AD. I've yet to read about this or any treatments aimed at relieving it because Tylenol doesn't work and the discomfort/AD can last anywhere from several hours to a couple of days.

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    Me, Too

    I'm interested in any information I can get. I'm always keeping up on the latest. I've long since stopped relying solely on the medical community for my best information.


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    sounds good!

    I would be very interested in learning more about women with SCI and the issues they face (that are different than males). I know we are a small percentage.

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    definitely interested... resources for women w/ sci's. I'm always surprised after 20+ yrs. of being sci'd how little info there is for women w/ sci's (maybe this happens w/ other disabilities happens for AB women also)

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    Many of the resources for SCI women are the same as for women with other disabilities. In the SCI population we make up aprx 25% of 250,000. Frequently the level of injury is less severe than in the male population.

    Dr. Sandra Warner has written a large number of articles related to health for women with disabilities. I put a lot of stock in her articles as she is a woman/doctor with a disability herself.

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    (typed by melissa's secretary lol)

    keep up the good work, B. we need all the information we can get since the guys have such different problems and challenges and they hog the resources lol


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