Have you ever considered getting a dog? Depending on your housing situation, of course. I remember a questionnaire given to inmates incarcerated for burglery, or B&E, where they were asked what the greatest deterrent was to them entering a home; locks, alarm system postings, a dog, etc. They all answered a dog!!! And no, you don't need a Rotweiler or Doberman - the inmates actually said the little tenacious doggies were the worst!

We have two dogs - one a Sheltie, and one a Rottie/? mix pound puppy, named Gus. Gus sleeps in my bedroom, but at least twice a night gets up and roams the house, checking things out. My son has said he's woken up at night to see Gus standing by the bed, as if to say, Everything okay?" When there's a new or strange person in the house, he'll stand by Matt's chair to 'guard' him. One night, he started barking and wouldn't stop, was going nuts running up and down the stairs; at first I thought I was just a deer in the yard, but he kept it up, so I got up, got my trusty knife that I keep by the bed (martial arts training!), and started down the stairs. When I got about 5 steps from the bottom, Gus came up and did a body block to keep me from coming any further. Never did find out what he was barking at!

Anyway, my point is that having a doggie around - even if they're not trained (we never trained Gus to do any of this, it's all instinct), they'll most likely deter a burgler just by their barking; besides, they're great companions, and very cheap entertainment!

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