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Thread: Accessible House

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    Accessible House

    I'm thinking of building a house. I need ideas on what I might need to make it wheelchair accessible for myself.


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    chimera, I posted my remodel experience a while back, it may give you some ideas.

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    Hi Chimera! Whatever you do don't measure the height where you want your counters without your shoes on. All the measurements we did prior to putting in the kitchen counters, I wasn't wearing shoes, only slippers. Needless to say, it wasn't till after a few days I went to roll under the counter with my shoes on and I smashed into a drawer! DUH!! The other problem was when we wanted ceramic tiles, we couldn't because then I wouldn't be able to clear the counter even without shoes on, so we had to get lino. Pretty dumb aye!

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    Noel's got a kickin' crib, yo!


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    i am a residential designer and a t-5 para...feel free to email me if i can help out...tedEbear

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