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Thread: Cooking Therapy

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    Cooking Therapy

    Well, I'm taking Marmalady's advice and getting back into some cooking projects. Those two Big Mac's for two dollars were okay only for a while...

    Today's project is a humongous salmon filet. Load it up with olive oil and spices and bake inside aluminum foil until it easily flakes with a fork.

    Serve with a couple of my trusty baked potatoes.

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    Man, I thought you said "COOKIE" therapy, and I was all for it!

    That salmon does look good....I've got the kid upstairs chopping veggies for stir-fry...


    M.Elston 'The Mom'

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    Awesome, Jeff! Neat ideas for leftovers (if you have any!) might be to flake the salmon and put in on a salad; or make salmon patties.

    Glad to hear you're cookin again!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Looks good and healthy Jeff

    Think maybe I'll that for tomorrow night, havent had fish in a while, like you said Big macs get old ofter a while and the heartburn can be nasty lol.

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