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Thread: Spinal cord injury and disability magazines

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    Spinal cord injury and disability magazines

    US Magazines

    1. Accent on Living

    Bills itself as a longtime favorite source of information for those who happen to have a disability. Serving readers since 1956.

    ACCENT On Living, PO. Box 700, Dept. BLVD, Bloomington, IL 61702., 1-800-787-8444
    2. New Mobility

    Miramar Communications Inc., 23815 Stuart Ranch Road, P.O. Box 8987, Malibu, CA 90265-8987 310 /317-4522 ext.480, 800 / 543-4116 ext.480, Fax: 310 / 317-9533

    3. Paraplegia News

    Bills itself as the news / information magazine for people with mobility impairments covering the latest on spinal cord injury research, new products, legislation, people with disabilities, accessible travel, computers, and more.

    4. Sports and Spokes

    Bills itself as the only magazine with international circulation covering the latest in competitive wheelchair sports and recreational opportunities for people in wheelchairs and with spinal cord injury..

    Canadian Magazines

    1. Active Living

    Active Living Magazine Head Office: 2276 Rosedene Rd. St. Ann's, ON L0R 1Y0 Telephone: (905) 957-6016 Fax: (905) 957-6017

    2. Total Access

    This is the official magazine of the Canadian Paraplegic Association, and is directed towards people with spinal cord injury.
    Canadian Paraplegic Association 1101 Prom. Prince of Wales Dr., Suite 230 Ottawa ON K2C 3W7 phone: (613) 723-1033 fax: (613) 723-1060

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    Accent on living

    went out of business last year.

    "And so it begins."

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    how bout wemedia?

    i got a free subscription for a year and i enjoyed the diverse content. they covered the para olympics well also.

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