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    Has anyone seen or chatted with Raven lately? She has been noticeably absent since January 3rd. Hope she is on an exotic vacation or something.

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    Hello Cheesecake and all posters

    Thanks for your concern cheesecake. I have replied to your e also.

    I am going through some of the side effects of the treatment so don't post as often as I would like. Do feel tired most of the time and sleep a lot. I check the forums at times, but do not post. Do want to keep up with everyone here so that is the way I can do it best in the meantime.

    Hope that all of you had a great holiday and that this new year brings you all the best in life. Maybe the research that is being done on spinal cord injuries will soon find a way for all to be getting their wish of walking again. "Eureka" is what I would like to hear coming from the labs soon.

    Thanks Dr. Young for all your efforts and care for our community. May God take care of you and your loved ones this year and always.


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    Raven, I hope that you feel better soon and the virus goes away. Wise.

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