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Thread: Trucks

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    Originally posted by monkeygirl:

    Hey Lizbv the way I see it, if ya got the money for one in the first place you gotta have the money for gas! Besides your guy's gas is cheap down there!
    I guess. Gas was 2.00 per gallon this past summer. I dunno if thats cheap LOL. I think its 1.14 now. thayts not cheap either! to us in ohio

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    I have done quite a bit of looking at truck lift options. Hoops has my dream truck. However, our local shop wants about $7,000 to do the 4 corner bag drop right (Air Ride Technologies Shock Wave 9" drop front and 11" drop 4 bar link in the rear). I figured another $2,000 minimum for wheels and tires to get low enough. I found several other options.

    Bruno makes the outdated EZ RIZER. It requires two large holes in the floor, a box of mechanical stuff under the truck, and a place for the seat to fold which usually means shaving the door card smooth. It will not fit the new GM trucks.
    Bruno also makes the Turny seat. I used at the San Mateo Ability Expo. It was installed on a new Toyota Tundra. It works fine but requires the use of their special seat.

    I ran across one more slick-looking seat lift by Access Unlimited. I have not used one. However, I talked with the factory. They suggested a price around $3,500. Does anyone out there own one of these? I still want a truck when I finally get the cash together. The lift is called the Glide-n-Go.


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    Connman, JBerry,

    I definitely want to go 4WD. Colorado winters, off-road, etc.

    CM, $79,000 canadian converts to roughly what U.S.? I don't have a conversion table. How long for the whole process? a week? a month? Any U.S. dealers that you know of?

    JB, how was that Tundra set-up? 4wd option?


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    GMC Z71

    ? on how long it took to have the truck complete,
    was about 1 half month's they had the seat in stock and the cap they were waiting for, it came from some where in the states, if you want the web site for the guy i used this is it.
    if you send him your e-mail he will be able to point you in the right places..good luck....

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    I have a GMC Sonoma 4wd

    I lowered it a little when I got it by taking out a leaf in the rear springs and lowering the torsion bars a little in the front end. I love the truck it is great. Allows me to put my Handcycle in the back and is nice and comfy on trips. My only complaints are I wish it was a little bigger, and had a lot of front end problems as the original ball joints are CACA. Since they are now replaced with moogs should be all set though, I do a little off roading with the truck and beaches so I guess that kind of beats on it more.

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    The Tundra was a 2WD. According to the Bruno representative the 4X4 is no problem. The seat base can be set up to drop more for the higher ride height. That truck also had the Out Rider lift to lift your chair into the bed as well as the cap lift. After using the unit I think it would be easier to put the chair in the extra cab.

    I don't think my rigid chair would fit in the Tundra extra cab. A folder would fit easily. The extra cab on the new GM trucks is very large. My rigid would fit easily. Bruno also makes a lift to put your chair into the extra cab.

    The Tundra had all the controls on one pendant. The Turny seat only has a up and down control. I lowered the seat level with my chair cushion and transferred on. The seat flexed down a little (I weigh about 160 lbs). After transferring to the seat you hold a button to raise the seat.

    Once the seat is all the way up the rotation is manual. With the seat all the way up my heels were hanging a few inches below the door opening. I held on to the steering wheel and lifted my legs into the truck (I'm a T4). The seat rotated as I lifted my legs in and the seat locks into place when straight. The forward and back adjustment on this truck was manual. Hope this helps.


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    Jim's pickup

    Jim has a 2001 Dodge Ram, 3/4 ton, extended cab (quad cab-back suicide doors) (diesel) pick-up. It is loaded with "goodies" so that it is access-friendly to him.

    It turns alot of heads that's for sure!!! He uses the pick-up to snow plow-although this year we had NO snow!!! Last year he plowed though.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Bruno Out Rider (Jim has this on his pickup)
    The Out-Rider from Bruno gives you the freedom to drive a pickup, even if you use a wheelchair or scooter. The Out-Rider expands your vehicle choices. You're not limited to full sized sedans and minivans any longer.
    The Out-Rider's unique design allows you to lift and store your wheelchair in the bed of your full size, mid-size, or extended cab pickup while sitting in the cab of the truck. With minor adaptations, the Out-Rider can easily lift a scooter, rigid or power wheelchair under 200 lbs. For certain applications, a more powerful Heavy-Duty Lift Arm is available as an option with a weight capacity of 220 lbs. Lift is electrically powered from
    your vehicle's battery. Designed to fit full-size, mid-size, or extended cab pick-up trucks. Raises and lowers Power or wheelchairs,and scooters under 200 lbs. effortlessly.
    (check this link out)

    Bruno EZ Rizer Seat Lift System (Jim has this too)
    For many people, the thought of having a pickup truck, a 4-wheel drive or other type of sport utility vehicle has been out of the question...until now!
    The EZ RIZER Seat Lift System by Bruno opens a whole new world of vehicle choices for people who self-transfer, or transfer with assistance. It will assist you in getting into most popular vehicles with higher elevation seating.
    No need for a special wide parking space either! You operate the EZ RIZER Seat Lift System entirely from within the vehicle's standard door opening. Simply unfold the seat platform, deploy the wrap-around safety arm and ride the lift up or down. The unit's compact design allows it to be folded and stowed neatly between the closed door and seat. The quick-release seat platform allows unobstructed entry by others.(check this link out)

    **ALSO AVAILABLE (just like what we have) Glide 'n Go Transfer Assist Seat

    The Glide 'n Go Transfer Assist Seat is a unique transfer lift designed to facilitate transfers into a variety of trucks, vans, and SUVs.The Glide 'n Go comes in single-fold and bi-fold versions and requires few or no structural or cosmetic modifications to the vehicle. Vehicle-specific mounting hardware utilizes OEM seat mounting studs for popular pickup truck applications. Installation time is approximately two hours. The unique foldaway design makes door panel modifications unnecessary for most applications, and avoids interference with seat belt assemblies. The Glide 'n Go's convenient seat-mounted flip-up safety bar serves as an effective transfer aid while ensuring maximum user safety during entry and exit. In many applications such as quad-cab pickups, the Glide 'n Go is able to descend well beyond the level of the rocker panel. Due to its flexible design, the Glide 'n Go is available for a variety of trucks, RV's, SUVs, and vans, as well as tractor-trailers and other specialized equipment. The Glide 'n Go incorporates an effective and easy-to-use manual backup system.

    This is what Jim wishes he would have got rather then the Bruno EZ Rizer Seat Lift System (much nicer!!!)CrowRiver Mobility Seat. (check this site out)

    The Mobility Seat makes it easier for people who have difficulty getting around to remain on the go. This revolutionary car seat replaces your vehicle's original seat with both a manual seat base and an upholstered seat. A two lever mechanism (some applications will have three levers) allows operation of the seat in and out of the doorway, both sliding and rotating, for much easier ingress and egress. It's a perfect solution for the person who wants or needs to stay mobile.Stay Comfortable
    The Mobility Seat features a comfortable upholstered seat with a low profile and lateral support seat cushion, as well as a standard adjustable head rest for optimum riding comfort. The seat also features a lever-activated recline mechanism. So now you can stay on the go - and enjoy the ride, too! The Mobility Seat is available in gray or tan colored fabrics. (See your dealer for special fabric requirements.)Stay Safe
    During installation, the Mobility Seat base uses the same bolt hole pattern as the original seat, requiring few, if any, modifications. Installation for most vehicles is accomplished in about two hours. The Mobility Seat has a capacity of 250 pounds and is tested in accordance with all applicable FMVSS standards. It comes with a 2-year warranty and its life expectancy is ten years under normal working conditions.
    Do not use the Mobility Seat in vehicles that have Side Air Bags in the OEM seat.

    ALSO AVAILABLE (driver side is NOW available)
    Easy Reach for Trucks:

    The Easy Reach for Trucks is a completely redesigned version of Access Unlimited's Easy Reach for Vans, focusing on the pickup truck application.

    Utilizing a state-of-the-art programmable logic controller, the Easy Reach for Trucks is a fully sequential and programmable seat lift which rotates the seat, slides it outward and then down for a level transfer from a wheelchair. The seat operates by pressing a single button on a hand-held pendant control, or on the standard-equipment radio remote. The seat incorporates no mechanical limit switches. Installation is simple and straightforward; the Easy Reach mounts directly onto OEM mounting studs with no drilling or modification to the structure of the vehicle or to interior panels. In most cases, the OEM seat is retained. A full 130° rotation assures a convenient angle for mobility device storage, and maximum door clearance. The installed seat height is no greater than the factory seat. Each motion includes a manual backup system for emergency operation. The Easy Reach for Trucks is currently available for driver or passenger's side on full-sized Quad-Cab Pickups, with several other applications under development.

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    Thought about a Dodge?

    Chris, I recently purchased a Dodge Durango, which has been great so far. I have had it equipped with hand controls and it sure is fun to drive a V-8 off road!! I can fit my regular wheelchair, my handcycle and camping equipment in the back without even trying. I don't have a lift or anything, but I bet one could be adapted for the SUV.

    Let us know what you decide to buy. Have fun with your search!

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    Dodge Quad Cab

    I drive a Dodge Quad Cab and put the chair in the back seat and then use "not working" Brueno EZ Riser to get into drivers seat. I still have the Outrider but is sort of sucks. Normally, I am in or out of the truck in 45 seconds. I am a T8 para.

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    websites w/ images

    bruno recently posted the tundra mod:

    accessunlimited's ver.:

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