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    Bought the truck today! Toyota Tundra V8 '03, loaded, Salsa Red, Off-Road etc. Went to designed my own (options) etc. then had my dealer / friend find it. Just went for a drive an hour ago. Sweet truck.

    Taking it in for the TAS (all measurements fit) and Outrider system hopefully next week for the mods and hand controls. Didn't get the topper system yet. Still thinking about it.

    Should be 10 days to two weeks before I can bring it home.

    Psyched. Bye bye minivan. Now for sale.

    Thanks for all the advice and help - especially wheelinarcher (awesome photos, extremely helpful).

    And, btw, jmublue, I checked and called the referral you suggested for the Glide-n-go system but they needed at least 12 weeks to fabricate the system. 12 weeks?, way too long. Decided to go Bruno.

    I'll post a photo when complete.


    Onward and Upward!

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    Hey Chris I want to go for a ride! Lets go and get it
    in some mud! Since you got the off road pack. Go luck

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    Good Move Chris

    I have been thinking about getting a Tundra lately. The 2003 Tundra Stepside is real cool looking. My only problem with the vehicle is that even in a 2wd it is still about 5 inches too high for me transfering in, although the access cab rear door would work fine for loading and unloading my folding chair. I have been talking to modification people lately about putting a lowering kit on the vehicle and lowering it along with low profile wider tires and nice chrome plated wheels. I am thinking about trading in my GMC truck, I love the truck, but it is nothing but trouble, lots of mechanical problems. The Toyotas are super reliable, I just talked to guy yesterday who has 280,000 miles on a T-100 which is esentially the same truck as the Tundra.

    The other problem is Price, the limited Stepside bed model which I want has a list of $34,000.00 plus I was thinking about putting a Supercharger on it which would be like $6500.00 installed, I would be over $40,000.00 by the time I was through. Maybe I'll wait to do this till I hit the lottery, lol

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