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    I've looked and tried most of the writing implements currently available but nothing seems to be comfortable, easy, consistent.

    As a quad I have very little hand function and no finger grip whatsoever. Besides fat pens and finger/wrist attachment apparatus what else is out there? What do you suggest? Any other quads who've solved this problem?


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    Rollerbal pens

    are a lot easier to use. I just position one in my hand - no grip required. For occasions where bearing down is required to make copies, I use two hands.

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    I use a Wanchik Writer for drawing detailed stuff and for writing neatly, but I can wedge a pen in my hand for writing checks, signing credit card slips, etc. I prefer the nice ballpoint pens like Pilot Precise, etc as opposed to a Bic pen because the ink flows easily and very little pressyre is needed for getting a mark down.


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    Matt wears the quad cuffs from Push-ease, and finds he can slide a pen in between the cuff and the space between his thumb and index finger; works great for him and means he doesn't need another 'device' to write - also uses this for eating utensils.

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