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Thread: Immediate Care Post Injury

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    Immediate Care Post Injury

    My partner recently suffered a complete spinal injury at C7. They have just come out of surgery to stabalise the neck.
    Just asking if there is anything other SCI sufferers wish had beed done or said to them in those scary early days.

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    If you copy this post and place it under the Life forum you will get more responses.
    To answer your question, I think the best thing that can be done is to be emotionally present, listen, not feel or act as if you can fix it and to take care of yourself. An exhausted partner is not helpful. Good luck and I hope you post in Life forum also.

    Curtis....can you move this post so that Will will get a broader response?

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    Moved to "Life" forum

    Done. Please share your thoughts with Will.


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    Depending on your friends willingness and aggressiveness towards experimental surgery (cure) you may want to look into or consider the activated macrophage trial taking place in Tel Aviv Israel. A local Coloradoan (USA) teenager Melissa Holley underwent this surgery and is improving quite well. She was a thoracic injury I believe.

    There are time limits however. The current window of opportunity post injury is 21 days.

    Check out for more info.

    Good luck. Personally, if given the chance I would go for it.

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    new injury

    what helped me most was knowing that people were there for me - you feel really alone in your body - not sure how to handle yourself and others. My husband said and did all the right things by being funny and natural with me; letting me know what was really going on and not pretending. what was not helpful was his not getting help for himself enough - and I wound up worrying about him and holding back some lest he be overwelmed.
    Having other friends come to visit, send cards, phone was essential to my recovery. They also tried to help him - so please let your friends help if you are in this for the long run.
    You may need to take your cues from him or her but you can't go wrong by asking sometime e.g I liked my husband helping me with some care 'cause it felt better than a stranger, but some prefer not to have their S.O. doing for them etc.
    sorry - kind of long winded tonight - but so glad your partner has someone who cares enough to find out what to do. Most of the time you'll make it up as you go along - no one is prepared for this. So always know that you both are doing the best you can, and please take care of yourself. Be sure to check in with yourself periodically - your partner will know when you are stressed or over whelmed.
    Feel free to e-mail me if you want - anytime - I'm a C3 incomplete.

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    Hi, Will,

    In his early days post-injury, when my son would get overwhelmed thinking of the future, and the 'what-ifs', I would tell him the same thing I said as a midwife and labor coach, to my clients; you don't have to deal with all the pain(physical or emotional) right now; just deal with this little bit that's right in front of your face at this very moment in time. Then when that's over, deal with the next one. Take swings at the pitches as they come to you, don't try to envision the whole ball game at one time.

    None of us knows what's down the road after a recent injury; I think that if anyone had told us all the things we'd have to go through (like learning to do a cath change!) at the beginning, we'd have totally lost it. But as time went on, I think we grow into our positions and can adjust to each new situation as it comes.

    I know folks have said - take care of yourself - that is SO important - I also know as a caregiver, how hard that is at the beginning; but try to do it if you can; you'll both benefit down the line. Know that we're all here for you and your partner for support, and any questions you have. Glad you found the site! Jackie

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    Will H

    Hi Will, Just checking to see how the surgery went and how your partner is doing? Are you holding up ok? This is the time to pull in immediate family as well as friends for help and support. Please give us an update when you can.

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    Thanks for all your replies. Lukes surgery went fine and x-rays look good. He is slowly being sat up and should try a chair tomorrow. His spirits are better now although he is in huge unbearble amounts of pain all over, deep down in his muscles & bones he says. There doesnt seem to be much they can do for this at the moment.
    He is lucky to have many friends waiting in the wings to help and visit - I just need to persuade him he is strong enough to hsve visitors!!!
    Looking after myself & him
    Thanks all

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    Hi Will,
    I'm sorry to hear that your partner has suffered a sci, no doubt you are both experiencing a pretty tough time at the moment. I went through Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney back in 95/96, and then Moorong rehab after I came off my horse. If you have any questions or feel like a chat, feel free to email me on

    All the best to you both

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    Document small achievements

    I'm C7 and in the early days its tough and you often can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you make note of all the small achievements your partner makes, when he feels he is not moving forward you can tell him of all the things he can do today that he couldn't do yesterday. One day you'll look back at these testing days and realise how far you've both come. It does get better and easier, it just takes time. The pain will be intense at first but with time will subside and maybe disappear.
    Different things become important in life, its just a matter of finding these things.
    You'll get there.

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