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    Is this thing worth the $60 bucks? Has anyone tried it, and what were teh results? Im a t-9 complete adn cant stand loking down at my abs anymore. they use to be a 6 pack! Help!

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    cg, here's a recent thread about ab stimulators-

    I have one and it works awesome

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    TV has been advertising them all over the place - we're thinking of getting one as a post-Christmas present for the whole family! I've seen several different types and right now, don't know which one we'll get.

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    Hi I am also a T-9 and was thinking of purchasing one,if you do let me know I will do the same..

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    I plan on buying one early next month to see if it will help me lose my "pouch". I could wear 30" and 32" waist pants before my accident -- now I am in 36" waist. That is so depressing...


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