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Thread: Bill Haseltine, apostle of "regenerative medicine"

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    Bill Haseltine, apostle of "regenerative medicine"

    In the New York Times on December 18... a story about Bill Haseltine who believes in the future of regenerative medicine.

    Apostle of Regenerative Medicine Foresees Longer Health and Life

    The New York Times
    "There is no reason we can't go on forever," said Dr. William A. Haseltine.

    Regenerative medicine is the concept of repairing the body by developing new tissues and organs as the old ones wear out.

    The idea, though futuristic, is rooted in practices like growing new skin for burn victims and has acquired new plausibility with the decoding of the human genome and the growth of knowledge about stem cells, the powerful agents that generate and regenerate the body.

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    no no no

    i dont want to live this way anymore .not to mention forever

    scott r

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