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    adaptive clothing line

    Hi, my name is Kathy Sawatzky and I am from Manitoba, Canada. I have a new web site that I'd like to share with everyone, it's a clothing line for the disabled and the able bodied. I myself am a C6-7 quadriplegic/S.C.I.. I'd like everyone to check it out as I designed the products for myself to make my life easier and thought others might like it too, it is also a site that doesn't over charge on the product because it is for the disabled. The address is or email me at or call me at 1-866-458-5651. Thanks, Kathy.

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    Web Site

    Kathy, the link doesn't work because of the comma after it. For those interested, it's


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    adaptive clothing

    Thanks for the correction Martha, I did that before and didn't relize, again thanks, Kathy.

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