From Don C. Reed,

Would you write one letter, if it would heal a friend with a terrible

Right now, the cure for hundreds of terrible medical conditions is very
close-- but that cure may also become against the law! Ridiculous? Yes.
But unfortunately, it├â┬*s true.

A bill is very close to being passed right now, which would make it a
federal crime to make embryonic stemcells. This anti-science bill has
already passed the House, and the President has promised to sign it.
Only the Senate, and your letters, can stop it now.

House Resolution 2505, the Cloning Prohibition Act of 2001, would put
scientists in jail for ten years, fine them one million dollars, and
destroy their laboratories and equipmentóall for making stemcells to
bring a cure for disease.

By forbidding this most promising avenue of cure research, HR-2505 would
end the dreams of hope for millions of disabled and incurably ill
Americans, condemning them to a lifetime in wheelchairs and hospital
beds, imprisoned by infirmity.

But you thought the President supported stemcell research? He did make a
wonderful speech about it. Sadly, his words and actions are very

Behind the scenes, President Bush has been working hard to pass HR-2505,
and it has already passed the House of Representatives. Only the Senate
can stop it now.

And you.

Your letter could help protect the research that will bring cure to
millions of suffering Americans. In a moment I will offer suggestions
for that letter

But first, there a couple things you need to know, about HR-2505, the
Cloning Prohibition Act of 2001.

1. Cloning has two parts: one good, one bad. The bad part is
reproductive cloning,
(repro-no!) which might be used to duplicate humans. The good part is
therapeutic cloning, (sometimes called somatic cell transfer) which
makes cells for cure. We need that. The enemies of cure would like you
to believe that all forms of cloning are bad. This is like saying both
aspirin and heroin should be illegal, since both are drugs.

2. Without therapeutic cloning, there can be no more embryonic
stemcells. Remember, the President will only allow research to continue
on those very few strings of stemcells which exist today. These will
eventually become unstable, and die. The other way to make stem cells is
to use leftover embryos from fertility experimentsówhich the President
also will not allow.

3. More reasonable anti-cloning bills are being developed, such as one
by Sen. David Magnani, D-Framingham, which would prohibit the cloning of
a "complete human being", but which would specifically allow therapeutic
cloning, which is what we need.

If you believe embryonic stemcell research should go on, please write
one letter today.

Send that letter to both your U.S. Senators. (Their names and addresses
can be found at the following url: http:

Here is a sample letter for your consideration:

Your name
Street address
City, state, zipcode
PHONE NUMBER (important: they won├â┬*t call you, but this establishes that
you are a real person)

Dear Senator:

I strongly oppose House Resolution 2505, the Cloning Prohibition Act of
2001. I am in favor of embryonic stemcell research, which HR-2505 would
effectually kill.

With as many as 100 million Americans suffering long-term illnesses and
disabilities, our country├â┬*s leadership should encourage the hope of
cure, not destroy it.

(Here you may wish to describe the medical condition you or your loved
one is in. Be brief, but personal: mention pain, the humiliations and
endless hassles, like being catheterized for the restroom, the expenses
involved, much as you like, but brief.)

As our country spent $1.2 trillion on medical expenses last year, it
would be wise to try and reduce those costs by researching embryonic
stemcells for cure.

Please let me know your decision on this important matter.

Thank you,
Your Name

P.S. If you want to know why I personally got involved, it is because my
son Roman Reed is paralyzed. In a college football game seven years ago,
Roman received a spinal cord injury, and became a quadriplegic:
paralyzed from the shoulders down. Naturally, we fought back, taking out
a second mortgage on our house, and obtaining experimental medicine from
Switzerland. Roman regained the partial use of his arms, so he could
transfer himself from bed to wheelchair. Before that I had to carry him.

But he is still paralyzed. So, with the help of many wheelchair warriors
and friends, we went to work to pass a California law, to raise money
for paralysis cure research. It took years, but we won. Last year the
Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act* raised two million dollars,
which was distributed in grants to scientists.

In those years of effort and investigation, our family spoke with many
top scientists and other good citizens; we received one dictated letter
which we ill treasure forever. It said:

"One day, Roman and I will stand up from our wheelchairs, and walk away
from them forever."óChristopher Reeve

Please help that great dream come true. Write your letter today.

Thank you.

Don C. Reed

*for more about the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act, visit
our website: To contact me personally, email

P.S.S. Feel free to forward, copy, and/or reproduce this letter. Share
it with family, friends, and any email groups to which you may belong.

HR-2505 will be considered by the Senate soon, as early as February. We
have time, if we act now. If we write our own letters and encourage our
friends and co-workers to do the same, we can rally the Senate and open
the door to hope. As Roman says, "Let's take a stand today, in favor of
research for cure. Take a stand, so one day, everybody can."