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Thread: Swiss Skier Has Spinal Surgery

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    Swiss Skier Has Spinal Surgery

    NOTTWIL, Switzerland (AP) -- Swiss skier Silvano Beltrametti had spinal surgery Wednesday but remained paralyzed from the chest down.

    Beltrametti, injured Dec. 8 in a high-speed crash during a men's World Cup downhill, was in stable condition following a five-hour operation on his broken spine, according to Roland Spengler, spokesman for the Nottwil Paraplegic Center.

    Surgeons repaired the dislocated vertebrae and stabilized them with chrome rods and screws to prevent additional displacement of the spine, which could potentially lead to additional paralysis.

    Beltrametti was paralyzed after losing control during the men's season-opening downhill in Val d'Isere, France. He hurtled through safety netting at 75 mph and hit a rock, splitting his helmet.

    Beltrametti should be well enough to begin rehabilitation in a few days, according to Spengler. He is expected to remain at the Nottwil center for at least four or five months for medical treatment and physical therapy.

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    I am surprised how long it has taken for him to be operated on! Too bad he couldn´t participate in the Isreali trial program. Hope he got a shot to decrease swelling right after he was injured. I saw that accident live on TV. It was a very demanding slope to be skiing on and he just lost control. He went through that safety net like a hot knife through butter. It has been said that his skis cut the net. He is 22 years old.

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    The next one......
    Why should it be like that.
    It's just not fare such things to happen to such people.
    What bad they've done to the world that GOD or whoever makes them suffer like that.
    And other like burglars murderers and etc. live normal lifes and die in peace.


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