Dear members,

Don't know if this is the right place but I would like to get hold of some information concerning the differences in funding rehabilitation products around the world.

Especially South America, The Far East and Eastern Europe have my interest.

What I would like to know:

1. who is funding in your country and how does it
work ( from injury till going home/getting
products )?
2. what are the most common pressure relief
3. what is the price limit for such items?
4. are governments open for changes?
5. what are the best people to contact when we
would like to bring a new productrange to the

Who am I; Jacques De la Haye, working for Vicair bv, a manufacturer of pressure relief products. Being marketing and sales manager makes me interested in other markets. We already sell in Japan, Europe and a part of our products in the US.

I was injured in '94, leaving me with a T12-L1 sci. Was importing Colours wheelchairs untill Vicair asked me to join them.

Thanks for the cooperation.