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Thread: The Quickie P 222 Sucks!

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    The Quickie P 222 Sucks!

    Mine is about 7 months old and the footrests have fallen out 3 times, the joy stick module has been recalled and on Friday, the motors completely gave out and the batteries won't take a charge. So I sit here in a borrowed wc which is making me sweat every hour so I have to lay down to wait for it to stop before I can get up again for another hour. Oh, and my '98 Chrysler T&C (under 30,000 miles) stalled and clunked out on Friday too. So I have no transportation or wc now until who knows.

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    Wow, when it rains it pours

    Sorry to hear everything has all gone wrong at once Seneca. I guess one positive way to look at it, is better the mechanical stuff going on the fluke than you're body. Good luck though, hope you get everything fixed back up real quick.


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    Damn, I'm sorry seneca. That really blows. What's wrong with the car? Good luck, hope you get everything worked out.

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    Hi, Seneca.

    I own the Quickie P 200, and everything about the chair is good, except that the footrest did not line up evenly. I recently got new footrests put on because someone tried to take my chair for a joy ride and ended up hitting a brick wall, and bending the footrest. The new footrest looked even to me. It also seems that the original battery that came with the chair was better than the new one. I charge this one about once every ten days. On the old one, I could go about two weeks before I needed to recharge it. It is also important to almost drain the gel batteries about once every three months. They say if you do this the batteries will last longer. I think that either you got a lemon for a wheelchair or Quickie is going downhill, metaphorically speaking, they ain't building their chairs as good now as they did two or three years ago.

    I know the owner of Sunrise, but he recently left to start up another company. I still think that they would provide you with good customer service and should help you out with your footrest, joy stick, and battery. Here is the toll-free 800 number: 1-800-388-4083. I haven't talked with them in about two years, but you might ask for Jack Sheehan (this is who Dick Chandler referred me to). If you're still having problems, then feel free to e-mail me.


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