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Thread: Need health insureance for wife of sci husband

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    Need health insureance for wife of sci husband

    I am 43, an L1 burst fracture, now a para, back is fused. 2 teens at home. Happened8/8/2000. Work could no longer use me, I pay for insureance on the cobra plan from my old employer. Wife cares for me and kids at home. Kids got medicade until 18 or if the go to college. I have been awarded ss.dissability, they said two year wait for medicare for me. They would not give my wife any medeicare or medicade. she has some health problems. Is there any insureance availuable for her we could purchase. We do not know who to try to contact. Thank you. Galen Richey

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    You can possibly purchase private insurance for your wife, but it will be very expensive, and not sure you can get her insured at all this way depending on what type of health problems she has.

    Can you wife go to work? An employer-paid plan seems to be your best bet. She probably could also get the kids covered and possibly even some coverage for you. At L-1 you should be able to be totally independent in your own care and provide the childcare and home management to allow your wife to go to work and not have to provide any care for you.

    Alternatively, are you looking for work for yourself? You are young and with a low level injury like this there is probably a lot of work you could do as well. If you have insurance your wife may be covered as well, depending on the employer's plan.


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    cobra options

    I think that under a COBRA plan, there are normal enrollment periods where you can change your coverage. Just as a normal employee can change coverages during the "enrollment" period, so too are you allowed to change coverage.

    Check with your state insurenace board to determine the basic COBRA rules. There are usually rules on enrollment periods as well as "changed family status."

    The next thing that you need to do is to check with the COBRA administator at your old employer address and ask when the enrollment peroids are. Then ask if you may enroll your spouse. You should know the answer to the question, based in your contact with the state insurance folks

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