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Thread: Topped the 1000 mark

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    Topped the 1000 mark

    Way to go, the community has been growing steadily and today we crossed the majic THOUSAND mark. Keep spreading the word....the site is awesome.

    A VERY special thanks to Dr. Young

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    Buried at the Bottom in Comments

    From Wise Young State of the Community
    posted December 09, 2001 05:56 AM
    As some of you may have noticed, our forums have broken the 1000 registered user mark and we are continuing to gain new members at the rate of 8-10 per day. Depending on the day of the week, between 800-1000 different visitors come to the site every day. About 400-500 of the visitors every day are registered users who have posted on the site. The community is consistently posting over 100 messages, reading over 5000 page views per day, and transferring over 100 Mb of contents per day.
    I am proud of the high quality of postings on the site. I don't think that there is anything happening in the field of spinal cord injury that is not posted here on the web site within hours or even minutes. Few or no questions, even of the most difficult variety (including how to become paralyzed!), are left unanswered for long. Above all, I am proud of the support that the community has for each other. While the Cando/spinewire forums may have had more registered users (about 6000), I think that we have far surpassed the old forums for the quality of contents and community. Thank you.


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    Thanks for all the work!

    Wise, this is here because of you! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts on the behalf of the SCI community with this site. It is awesome!
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    Member posted December 09, 2001 02:46 PM
    Thanks Doc

    You have kept this going. My deepest gratitude.
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