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Thread: Building a non-standard house

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    Herve Villechaize, who played Tatoo on Fantasy Island, built some condos in California that went to extremes to be comfortable for dwarves. They weren't comfortable for full-size adults but his dwarf friends all lived there at his expense. They were commonly called Tatoo's Stay-Free Mini Pads! LOL. Just a little comic relief....

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Someone can electrocute themselves as their head collides with the light bulb attached to your 6' ceiling.

    So check out the "standing frames" that are on the market and, if you are lucky, can get either insurance or rehab commission assistance in buying. You will be able to "stand" and reach quite a bit.

    Better to concentrate on the other issues of accessible home construction.... shower with floor-to-ceiling grab bars, bathroom with clearance under sink for knees even if you in a toilet chair, cabinets with toe room, tile or wood floors, headboards for bed with spindles for grabbing to turn, ramps and landings at all major entry points, doors that are at least 30" even to closets and bathrooms... and the beat goes on.

    About the dog funeral, chop a hole in the ground with a hatchet and clear hole with sharp shooter. Hole depth needs to be so deep as to allow 6" of dirt cover over dog. Makes for decomposition of dog carcass. Suggest you plant something in hole with dog... commemartive tree, maybe. I planted a white crepe myrtle in hole for eskimo spitz dog I loved. White flowers remind me of that son of a bitch.

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    Building an accessible home is one thing. Building a home sized only for people in wheelchairs or little people seems pretty selfish and short sighted to me. But that's just my opinion--I could be wrong.
    Dennis Miller would be proud Scorpion! I use to build house before I was hurt and this is about the dumbest thing I've ever read or heard about. It will cost you a lot more money to build it this way and be a lot of wasted material. If changing a light bulb is the only reason for building it this way, man you do have a problem!

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    Originally posted by TIGGER74:

    Quote: "But that's just my opinion--I could be wrong."

    Dennis Miller would be proud Scorpion!
    Heh, heh, that's where I got that line all right. Dennis Miller is hilarious!


    "We are not brave because we are free. We are free because we are brave." ~ Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo / Sick Speed)

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    You amaze me.


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    I doubt that the building code would let you construct 6' ceilings for one. Then you would run into difficulties with the height of the door openings, they would have to be cut down, all your sheathing and sheetrock would have to cut down, the studs wouldn't be a big waste because you could cut down a 12' piece of stock. The costs and waste involved, not to mention, who would want to buy it if you were to sell, in my opinion, the means don't justify cause, especially to change light bulbs. Sorry to hear about your dog.

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    em,you can put in a drop celing with canister lights that recess in panels.the drop would also be easy to get rid of in the event you would sell your home

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