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Thread: Can't live with it--Geek help thread

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    Can't live with it--Geek help thread

    Help, help, HELP!! I have bought a monster! I have gone from a quaint Pentium 1 and 32 RAM with a 1.6 Ghz HD to a Pentium 4, 256 RAM and 40Ghz hard drive. In this process I have also entered a scarey new world unrelated to Windows 95. Windows XP Home Edition! HELP!!!!!

    First, how do I just listen to a plain old audio CD? Not with a media player with fancy up to date short movies while online or acid induced funny squiggly changing colors off-line. If I just double click on my CD-ROM I get booming MusicMatch and its associated individualized Jukebox. And is MusicMatch a good program once it is tamed or should I just get rid of it now? This also has a CD burner so keep that in mind. Although I haven't bought any CDs made after 1990 except for Hootie and the Blowfish.

    And I saw it in here somewhere but can't find it now.....where is Windows Explorer or the directory list for the drives?

    And how the hell do I adjust the volume control?? There are like 5 different places and so far I can't find the one that correctly turns the wav files down to where I don't need ear plugs. I can adjust volume on the media player and CD volume on the NetVista As keyboard but MusicMatch just blares so loud I can't keep it on long enough to figure out where the controls are.

    By the way, this thing keeps asking where HAL is. Who is Hal?

    Sue Pendleton
    PS....for anyone buying one of the new Net Vistas, shell out the extra $75 and get the upgraded speakers. They look cool, flat (take up no space at all)and sound great from a mile away.

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    Sue, Hal is a part of IBM's Home Director Software. You can control light switches and appliances from the software. It's usually package on all new IBM machines.

    As for the XP software, I had to go back to Window ME because my voice software would not run with XP. Too many bugs. Of course there are plenty of bugs on anything that says Microsoft. Maybe we could use a few of their engineers for spinal cord research to hurry things up, as they always seem to release before it's all worked out.

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    Hi Sue:

    I thought someone on this forum who is more computer savy, would have responded to your post by now. In February of 2001, I upgraded and purchased two new computers. One is a Dell Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz and 256 MB of RAM. Before, I was also using a Pentium 1, 32 MB of RAM and running Windows 95. The new computers came with Windows Millennium Edition installed and it was an easy transition for me to work with this new operating system.

    I know about that many new features that Windows XP offers and from all reports it is very stable and easy to use. I cannot offer you any assistance because I am not running this operating system. However, it is my understanding that Microsoft does offer free technical support over the phone for this new operating system. I would think that there would be and 800 number to contact Microsoft in Washington, instead of having to pay for a long distance telephone call.

    If you're still stuck, then tomorrow (Saturday) call 1-800-222-5222, between the hours of 10 AM and 1 PM, Pacific Standard Time. These guys should be able to help you and I suggest that you call at 10 AM sharp! I believe that you are on the East Coast and that would make it 1 PM in your time zone.

    I have no idea about "Hal"? I do remember "Hal" from the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, (here we are in the year 2001) but I don't think your new computer has artificial intelligence built into it yet. I would think that the main volume control would be in the lower right hand corner of your taskbar.

    Good luck! Paul

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    LOL, Carl R

    Your Microsoft analogy is hilarious.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    I think I have the volume control tamed now. Thanks for the help Paul. I think this thing just wants to take over the world--or maybe just my part of it. It does have a lot of MS junk that needs removing fairly quickly for most. I'll let new owners find out which ones on their own. This is oh so fun...

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    I'm pretty knowledgeable about Windows, but not Windows XP. I just haven't upgraded yet, as I usually wait a few months for Microsoft to work out the bugs of their initial release. I'm running an AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.3 Ghz processor with 512MB of RAM and Radeon 64MB video card with Windows 98. Yeah, I didn't even upgrade to Windows 2000, but Windows XP looks cool. I got this PC for business (graphic design) but it's bitchin' with games too.

    I have a Mac G3 too, but it needs a memory upgrade. Macs tend to be more user-friendly in some ways, but they also tend to crash a lot. But I hear that Mac OSX is pretty stable, and even the G4 I used to use at work with OS9 didn't crash too much (but still more than my PC). There are pros & cons to both types.


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    Who is HAL?

    The movie "2001--A Space Odyssy," IBM was the computer manufacturer and creator of HAL. Now we know who HAL is and where he came from. They went one letter back in the alphabet (IBM=HAL).

    Hi, Sue. I thought that there would be some computer guys on this forum who had Beta-tested Windows XP and could provide some solutions for your problems. The other day I saw a commercial for Windows XP. Near the bottom of the TV in small letters was a web site address. I went to the site but I was unable to find any phone numbers for tech support. Here is the URL anyway:
    I have heard so many good reports about XP, I wish I had it. Unfortunately, I have Windows ME and I firmly believe in doing "clean installs." I guess I'll have to wait until I get a new computer. Since I use Dragon 5.0 Professional, I am concerned about this conflict with Windows XP.


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