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    Forum Statistics

    Dr. Young is good about providing forum stats. I also just discovered there's a page here that summarizes them:

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    Jeff, I am wondering how people are getting to the forums. I posted the community statistics page on the front message of the forums for over two weeks and we are gettiing about 80 hits a day on that page. In other words, of the 700-900 visitors who come to our site daily, only 10% are taking a look at the statistics page. I am also thinking (from the questions on the forums) that some people are not aware of the Trials Forum where all the latest information on the trials are listed. Perhaps I should poll the community to see how people are getting here, how they bookmark this site, and where they are coming from. A number of people have also been writing to me saying that they are coming to the site and downloading information and looking at the downloaded pages off-line. Interesting. Wise.

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