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Thread: Daily REHAB Program

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    Stimulators do a really good job of making your muscles contract but without doing it in a pattern like an FES bike you don't get the cardiovascular workout. It can help you retain substantial bulk in your legs. I believe you could also retain bulk in your gluts which is really helpful in avoiding pain and pressure sores. And, it might be possible to keep your abdomen like before. Their lower cost is their best feature. I bought a stim machine for $150.00 that works great called the BellaStim. When I wet the electrodes I get incredible contractions.

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    Sorry about that- I have added my e-mail address to my publc profile.
    I agree with Jeff, the lower cost is definetly a plus. Their small size also makes it very conveinent when travelling. One time when I got the beginnings of a pressure sore, I used the electrodes and it cleared up much quicker than was expected.
    Using the machine also helps me to feel that I am doing something for myself. There aren't very many practical options.

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    My physiotherapist is dismayed that I don't do it more often is all. It's not FES, it's just a stationary arm bike for cardio.

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