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Thread: Why Not

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    Why Not

    For about the past two years I have been wondering why there is no live chat forum for this site and, previously, SpineWire.


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    PN, I am copying this topic over to the feedback forum and answer it there. Wise.

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    I have put a chatroom in my site for those who wish to go in there. This one is a newer chatroom so it will be working fine. We are still working on one which will be safer from lurkers and other with several neat features. My son is still working on it but since he is working overtime at his job... it is taking longer than we expected.

    Please bear with the one I have now and we will do our best to set up the better one later.

    Dr. Young,

    This is a different one from the one you went into last time. It is still at my homepage: Raven's Poetry & chatroom
    It should be easier to access.


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