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Thread: How do we ensure the CareCure community goes on forever?

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    How do we ensure the CareCure community goes on forever?

    For Dr. Young:

    I see a lot of posts from people coming from sites that no longer exist. What can we do to ensure the health and longevity of this site? And how do we increase the current membership?

    I have personally benefited significantly from reading the experiences of others and how they are dealing with the SCI life.

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    Most of us would like to see spinal cord injury go away so this site would have to evolve or go away with it. Of course, the looong time until that completely happens is almost like forever so you have a good question.

    This site is the best one that addresses the broad issue of SCI including the best cure information on cure, anywhere. Getting responses from Dr. Young is like an internet/medical miracle. There are plenty of researchers but few have an interest in spending the kind of time educating the community the way that Dr. Young does. And, with a solid institution like Rutgers hosting the site, only a cure for all could really make the site obsolete. Before it became obsolete, though, there'd be millions coming here comparing notes on how to maximize their therapy and what they should expect for return.

    We are in the calm before the storm. Once we begin being treated in large numbers this site will be the hottest place on the net.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Well said. The only thing I'd like to change about your comment is that I wish/think that this site should be the hottest thing now!

    We need more members, thoughts, ideas, advice, experience. Join and speak up - please.

    Personally, in my opinion, every sci patient should get a list of the top five sci sites with this being number one.

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    We do

    We have a 5 page list of SCI websites that we give out to all of our inpatients and outpatients. Since I wrote it and update it every 3 months, of course I have this site at the top!

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    Its really the best site I've seen on the Internet. The info that I ca find here by talking to people with much larger experience in dealing with SCI helped me a lot.
    And I think its the same with everyone woh've joined it by now.
    So I don't think this site will have problems with lasting till the cure is found.
    Till then we'll keep supporting each other and sharing all the info we get about SCI.

    In Bulgaria we have a proverv:
    "Verna drujina planina povdiga"
    that means something like .....A devoted band can lift a mountain

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    I personally hope this site is made obselete in a year or two, until then this is my only "hope" page.

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    The CareCure site is here to stay as long as there is a community. It is the community that makes this site... not the sponsor. The quality of information that is being provided at this site should be setting an example for the rest of internet.


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    Dr. Young, I believe you have built a real winner in this site. Thanks to you and all the spinal cord nurses for all your help!

    Is this site healthy financially? Just curious, I would hate to see it go away because of financial reasons. I would not mind seeing advertising if that insured the long term success of the site or would help make it better.

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