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Thread: Proper ramp height ?

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    Proper ramp height ?

    I recently bought a house, but I have to build a ramp inorder to get inside. Does anybody have some insight on how to properly build a ramp. I've heard somewhere that for every inch from the ground up to the doorway the ramp needs to be one foot long. I think I will need to go at a 90 degee angle (because I'm building it in the garage) so we can fit both cars in. Any thoughts??

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    The ramps that have been made or built for my home are for every 1 in in height, a length of 1 ft. is required.
    This formula has really made the ramps easily traversable.

    For going into the house from the garage, I have a rectangular piece of wood about 34"x36" that has a ramp attached that follows the wall. The piece is 3" high. The actual ramp is 36".
    Works great.


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