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  • Not me, I'm having too much fun the way I am

    4 12.90%
  • Not me, I don't want to come back and have everyone be old and the world gone to hell

    9 29.03%
  • Yes, but just for five years

    3 9.68%
  • Yes, but only ten years or until a definite cure is available

    7 22.58%
  • Yes, freeze me for as long as it takes!

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Thread: How many of you would freeze yourselves?

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    by giving additional meaning to "No" it meant neither one might fit people's reasoning. I was trying to distinguish between those people who are happy the way they are and those who would say no for other reasons. Obviously, a simple "no" would have been better.

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    Hell Yeah !

    Hey no problem, 5 yrs and I'd be cured, 5 yrs goes so fast it's not even funny. Sure I'd miss my hubby, but Oh how I'd luv to make up for the time I was gone, we'd have a blast. I guess after 19yrs of waiting, 5yrs is squat, oh and as an added bonus, I won't have aged 5yrs! Bring on the ice!!! And bring it on NOW!!!

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    No, I want to see my daughter grow up, maybe get married and have grandchildren.

    No, I don't want to be "thawed" and find my wife is so much older than me. I enjoy her company now and she enjoys mine.

    No, I have responsibilities and I can't think only of myself.

    No, I don't want my family to lose their lifestyle simply because I was selfish enough to leave them with no income.

    No, I think I should deal with what life has dealt me today.

    No, I don't want researchers to think there's no hurry to find a cure because we are all frozen so they can take their time.

    I can understand how a high level vent dependent quad could makethis choice, but it's a definite HELL NO for me.

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    I think we have responsibilities to each other too. To quote four really famous dudes..."ALL FOR ONE, AND ONE FOR ALL!!!!" If that stops at voting for the right person to mandate cures rather than sedan chairs, SO BE IT! My heart goes out to the righteous men and women on this forum who have risked their futures for experimental therapy. we're at war here. We can choose to be indifferent...or we can choose to fight. I choose to FIGHT!

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    If the technology worked, I would freeze myself for ten years or until a cure came. Since my physical health is slowly deteriorating, I may not be able to benefit, fully, from a treatment or cure in ten years from now. It is also quite possible that I may be dead in ten years, due to SCI complications. Bottom line: I can't wait ten years.

    Alcor has been shown on the Learning Channel (TLC)several times. I watched the end of it last Sunday. Below is the URL to their site. I believe they charge $25,000 to freeze a head and $100,000 for a whole body.

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    PN - Thanks for the honest reply

    Sometimes it's not a matter of moral plattitudes but of practical realities.

    I can say, however, that in light of the lack of both cure and cryonics, that you should find a way to prolong your health for as long as it takes. Break the situation down into manageable goals and pursue them.

    Maybe you could research how to maximize your health and help others who are facing a decade of challenges due to SCI complications. Maybe you could work for CR's new org and be the expert at maintaining health against the SCI odds.

    I was very affected by your post and I'd really like for your realistic outlook to be as optimistic as possible. Maybe we could all discuss staying healthy for the next decade and find some solutions.

    Thanks, again. Your post is poignantly engaging. I wish you the best, now, and in the future.

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