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Thread: Very Important Poll !!

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    Very Important Poll !!

    I felt I should post this in the Life forum because most people come her. There is a very important poll regarding advertising, pop-ups, banners etc. At present only nine people have voted on it, this could effect our community in a huge way. Please take the poll at the bottom of the home page!!

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    You lost me

    monkeygirl. Poll on the home page? Why not just re-post it here.

    Btw, my vote is no banners, advertisements, etc. Good cause or not its another solicitation intruding on our lives. Commercializing this site completely neutralizes its effectiveness.

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    Hey Chris !

    The poll was posted by Wise at the bottom of the "Forum Homepage" I'm glad you don't want all that crap either! It's nice to be able to come here and not have to deal with pop-ups, banners, click & wins, ads, etc. I tried not to be bias when I posted about the poll, but, well, thanks for opening the door. I just think that this stuff can totally ruin this great community we have here.

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