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Thread: Anyone Play an Instrument

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    Anyone Play an Instrument

    If you have SCi can you play in a band or play an instrument. I think that is very motivating and would love to hear from you and maybe your music.

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    I am not in a band and am not musical at all (I took 6 years of piano, can read music, but choose not to subject people to my terrible playing, which I don't really enjoy anyway). I am more of a visual arts person.

    Anyway, I have a client who has C7 complete injury and who plays in a rock band locally. He sings and plays harmonica and occasionally percussion. Also have a client who has a mid-thoracic injury who is a semi-professional singer (weddings, etc.) and who once was chosen to sing the National Anthem at a Padres baseball game.

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    guitar and a bit of piano

    i've played the guitar since well before my accident (a T7 injury 19 yrs ago didn't really hinder the playing) but being a bit image conscious I don't feel 'cool' playing it any more! so mainly at home these days

    I've collected a whole pile of vintage guitar amplifiers amplifiers as fixing them up has become a bit of a hobby of mine

    Can play a bit of piano


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    Playing an instrument

    My daughter plays the flute. It always used to relax her, and it still does, but it also helps keep her lungs "in shape" now. It took her about a year to 18 months after her injury to begin playing again.

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    I play guitar. I'm C 5,6 walking quad. I was w/ out my hands for 3 months; they work now, but move slow. Playingis a lot harder now, but good exercise.

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